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Hemendra Singh Kale



Hemendra Singh Kale

About Me

My name is Hemendra Singh Kale, and I’m 36 years old. I am the manager of the online platform BetoBet Sports betting and online casino. BetoBet began operations in 2020 under a Curacao online gaming license, which is owned by Counter BV. Customers can sign up to start betting and gambling online by quickly registering. Betobet provides a variety of promotions and offers for its users and also an attractive affiliate program and an increase in the status of players. Betobet is available on both mobile and desktop versions of the bookmaker and casino. Gambling is now legal legally in India.

 Is it safe for you to disclose your passport details to an agent of a bookmaker? This is a concern for anyone who has to register with a bookmaker’s office the first time. If you are playing on the website of a bookmaker which is legal in the territory, then you should not worry. Such organizations undertake the obligation to protect your data. You can learn more about the policy on the use of players’ information on the site of the office of the bookmaker you are planning to join.

 If you are dealing with illegal bookmakers Here, you take action at your own risk. Your data may be lost or stolen by them. Don’t trust your data to bet companies that have no legal status.

 Why do bookmakers ask for your personal information? Bookmakers that are legitimate must request the data of their customers, as it is required by law that governs how they can carry out their operations. This is mostly done to verify the age of the person since in the country only individuals who are over 18 years old are allowed to participate in gambling. Another reason is that there is a stifling of attempts to create two or more accounts in the bookmaker’s office of only one person.

 The bookmaker could request the player’s personal information when registering and in subsequent instances:

 Change the password when you make changes. In this instance, the bookmaker’s office requests to confirm your account details to ensure that there is no chance that intruders want to access your account


In the event of the need to change passports. The account will be closed until the user has updated the information on their passport. This is the case for large winnings withdrawals and cases where multiple accounts are suspected. As per the rules of all bookmakers’ offices, one person can create just one account. In general, the bookmaker does not permit the establishment of a new account with the same data at the time of registration. But some players create an additional account using the details of their friends or relatives. If the bookmaker suspects that the account’s actions were not done by the person who was verified, he may request the passport details of the person who is requesting his identity.

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