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Covering letters – General or Speculative
A covering letter is essential to maximise the chance of your CV and application being considered. Even a well written and professionally written CV may not be enough to stand out from the crowd. Remember, there are typically in excess of 200 applications for each position advertised and your covering letter is an essential tool to guide the reader to your CV. If a CV is an advert: then a well written covering letter is effectively an advert for the advert!

Maybe you are making a “speculative” approach to an organisation whom you have targeted as one whom you would wish to work for but the organisation is not currently advertising. Whatever the economic climate companies are always having to consider filling unadvertised vacancies for several reasons. These can include: recent internal promotions, staff leaving or departments expanding. A well written “Speculative” covering letter can often hit the spot at the right time, saving the organisation time and recruitment costs.

We can also produce a “General” covering letter that is essential when contacting agencies or when the positions that you seek may cover a broader range of disciplines.

Successfully written CVs from professional cv writing services use a style and layout that is neither a traditional letter or report writing style: a successful covering letter will bring out the personality of the applicant and will enable the reader to sense the positive character traits of the applicant. These are often the “intangibles”: the elements of the individual that are usually only uncovered in a face to face meeting and can form a key part of any recruitment decision process.
Covering letters –Job specific
With each current job advert receiving over 200 applications it’s essential that your submission stands out from the crowd. Recent surveys of recruiters and employers have identified that hardly any of them will read a submitted CV in full during the first “speed read” of all of the CVs they have received but a high percentage will actually read the accompanying Covering Letter in full. This presents a wonderful opportunity to guide the reader to place your CV into the select “read in full” shortlist.

Successful CV Writing will produce a “Targeted” covering letter that will bring out your enthusiasm and suitability for the role, highlighting and re-enforcing key areas within your CV that the reader should pay particular attention to. We will use the “clues” that the job specification always has: these are sometimes fairly obvious and sometimes very subtle, and we use this information to produce an outstanding covering letter for you. This will match your specific capabilities with the job specification in a lively, enthusiastic manner, conveying just what an impact you will bring to the role.

Successfully written CVs use a style and layout that is neither a traditional letter or report writing style.The available space on a professional CV has to be carefully used to convey the key candidate details in a punchy, concise style. A professional Covering Letter allows for a greater depth of personality to be injected into the process that will convey the suitability of thr candidate in a lively, enthusiastic style.

A well written Covering Letter will make the reader’s selection process easier and greatly enhance your chances of securing that position.

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