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Graeme Stevenson



Graeme Stevenson

About Me

Colour In Your Life is a web site that is run by Artists for the purpose of Building a Library of the minds of Artists and enabling investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right-brained people.

Graeme Stevenson, who is the CEO of Colour in your Life, has been a practicing professional Artist for 30 years.

He has exhibited all over the world and his work is licensed in over a hundred countries through out the world.

He has lived in a number of countries, living in America for ten years.

Graeme currently works with the TV show, Fine Art Showcase, based in Los Angeles and also a number of large corporate clients and many of the world’s leading Fine Art Licensing agents.

As a long time professional Artist Graeme understands the many battles and trials that Artists go through to make a living out of their craft.

Colour in your life is a website that, through the TV series Colour in your life, will enable many Artists and viewers to better interact with each other and be able to exchange information and ideas.

We as a species need to reassess our role on this Planet and the universe we live in as a whole.
The right-brain way of thinking may, through education and better self-awareness, help us all in our journey.

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