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Frankie Sharman



Frankie Sharman

About Me

I have a belief that anything in life is possible. With the right motivation, skills and an unshakeable positive attitude, anything is achievable. 

I have been working with Colour In Your Life as the Online Content Manager since 2019 and am so grateful to work with such a motivated, dedicated and caring group of people whose only mission is to further artists in their own missions! 

Since 2011 I have also worked for renowned North Coast artist Mark Waller as his Business Manager, a role which encompasses a whole lot!  Together, we’ve set up an extensive tutorial website and Youtube channel ( and ExploreAcrylics on Youtube), both which are dedicated to a firm “zero elitism” policy and the sharing of knowledge amassed over Mark’s 30+ years of painting professionally.  In this role I write for web, magazine and liaise with all manner of people from sponsors to artists just beginning their journeys, it is always exciting and fun.  I also get to shoot and edit our videos for Youtube and love learning new skills, especially ones where creativity is the focus (with a little bit of nerding thrown in to keep the brain active :D)  

In my personal life I always have too many side projects, which currently include spoon carving ( and making pinhole cameras to take photos of the sun’s pathway across the sky (  I also make cakes on commission a few times a year (that’s something I’m trying to phase out however). 

I’m a member of the Lennox Arts Collective, another group of incredibly talented and passionate artists operating out of a gallery space in Lennox Head, NSW. 

I have two beautiful, talented daughters who are growing up way too fast, and an incredibly supportive, fantastic husband who has put up with my crazy projects since 1995 :)  I consider myself an extremely lucky girl!!

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