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  • Eleni posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Dear Graham
    Today I finally managed to do something I wanted to do for a long time. Today is my birthday and I thought I would do something different to ‘gift’ Colour In Your Life …I donated $200 towards the awesome work you and the team do and because I have been watching or have watched almost all the episodes I wanted to give back because of the joy watching these programs gives me. So thank you! You’re doing an awesome job. Have been watching for years…and love to see how your dream has progressed around the world. Elen G

    • Dear Eleni,
      just getting back to you again on our web site to thank you so much for your generosity. Would I be able to get your address so I can send you a thank you card and I would like to thank you on our face book page if that is OK, if not I understand.
      Thank you so much, Graeme xxx

      • Hi Graham I have sent the info through yes to your requests. If you have my email send me a msg and I will provide again.

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