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Diabetes Mantra



Diabetes Mantra

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India’s best Diabetes Care Program

1- Affordable diabetes treatment by top doctors2- Sustainable Diabetes Reversal3- Blood sugar control, without medicines4- 30+ blood tests, unlimited consultations, online diabetes treatment & App-based tracking

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which blood sugar levels go high in the body. Glucose is responsible for the production of energy. Glucose is present in the food that is consumed. People due to their deskbound lifestyle and obesity are more prone to suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a prolonged disease. It can pose serious health problems. There is a risk of stroke, loss of consciousness, increased risks of heart diseases, malfunctioning of the pancreas.


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The world’s best diabetes clinic in your pocket

Our medical providers and health coaches are available on a near real-time basis through an easy-to-use mobile application. Our advancements in technology and data science enable expert care and personalized care plans for all of our patients.

Benefits of our Diabetes Program

DiabetesMantra doctors/ experts treat diabetes through a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and medication. Our diabetes treatment experience is a better traditional in-person approach in multiple ways:1- Dedicated health coach2- Continuous medical supervision3- Patient community4- Expert care at our home5- Less diabetes medication6- Personalized fitness regime

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