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    84” x 60” x 2.5”
    Gallery Wrapped
    Waterbased Media

    In grave danger of suffocation, the mermaid peeled away from him and emitted a sonar wail
    that woke drowned sailors from their oyster beds.
    — Kevin Ansbro, The Minotaur’s Son & Other Wild Tales
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    40 x 50cm, acrylics Based on a reference photo by a great photographer @tynezphoto. As humans the seas and oceans are of utmost importance and we need to keep them clean and free of plastic. And that’s why this one is also part of the Plastic Soup series. Read on for more info on…[Read more]

  • Deborah added Chrome wave to favorites. 5 months ago

    Chrome wave

    ‘Chrome wave’, 70 x 90cm acrylics
    Reference by @jeff_davis (thanks for letting me paint this man!). Constructive critique is always appreciated.

  • Chrome wave

    I love the colors. It’s like the united water with fire

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