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7 Types Of Darts You Need To Know About

Darts are one of the important factors in stitching and without learning this technique, you can’t come up with the result which you have always visualized. Being an amazing sewer, you need to elevate the sewing game, and if you have one of the top rated home sewing machines at home, then here you are getting a complete guide from us today about darts.

Standard Darts:

This is the most common type of dart used commonly in projects, and it’s open at one end. This dart is used on the waist or bust and it can also be changed to use in some other part of the dress. This dart helps dress in adjusting a proper shape, and it also helps in natural bend.

Curved Darts:

When you deconstruct the pattern of skirt or pants, then you can see there must be a gentle curve instead of straight stitches. In some of the difficult patterns, standard darts may not provide proper shape to your dress but curved dart can. It can be done in a concave or convex shape, depending on your needs.

Serged Darts:

Darts can take a lot of time to complete, if you are a beginner and you don’t have a proper sewing machine. The best Janome sewing machine can help you in this matter, or a serger can also speed up the whole process of creating a dart. A serger can also help in reducing the bulk from the garment so you can try this type on the knit garment.

Dart Tucks:

Dart tucks are almost the same as standard tucks, and it has only one point open. The open end of the garment has a pleated appearance, and it can give a soft look to your blouse and pants. By doing a slight variation, you can change standard dart to dart tucks.

Double-Ended Darts:

These darts are also known as the fish-eyed dart, and these are suitable when you are preparing a jacket or dresses that need fitting from the waist. It will also help in giving shape to the bust part, and this will look like two darts are joined together. One will be pointed towards the waist while the other one will be towards the bust.

French Darts:

If you compare the standard and French darts, then French ones are elongated in shape. They can be prepared in the vintage style, and you can also create one in modern design. You can test one in the muslin to avoid any kind of designing issues in a real project.

Elbow Darts:

Elbow darts are used when you want to fit the sleeves of the jacket, and you want professional fit. You can prepare elbow darts easily, and these are easy to get adjusted to.


Once you understand the different techniques of preparing darts for your dress, you can use the best Janome sewing machine for beginners, and your flat piece will be an amazing one. These 7 darts are essential to prepare if you want your dress to be professional looking and clean in stitching.

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