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David Hamilton enjoys telling friends, and pretty much anyone who enjoys the sport, that his wife is a better golfer than he is. Considering his many more years of experience playing golf, even on courses all over the world, he has never scored a hole-in-one while she has! And this good-natured competitive spirit has urged David to take a leg out and move into a different industry despite having grown up and dealt with the IT sector for most of his working life! David has begun to initiate his move into the self storage industry with Super Easy Self Storage as one of the chain owners at a new facility in Geelong and we’re sure that his desire to succeed will bring him closer to his goals of building his own legacy for his family.

The Super Easy Self Storage business model is simply – we want our customers to just sit back and let Super Easy Storage Geelong take care of everything, and help you save money to boot! Our business is all about making it cheaper and easier for you to move into self storage. From our self storage modules that can be moved to your location so that you can pack and load that much quicker, to our flexible contracts that don’t force you to pay for renting more than you need, you can be assured that our business is all about helping you with storage when you need it!

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