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Cricket Wells

About Me

Cricket is a Canadian artist who has long been in love with art but only recently up’d the game. In February of 2016 she traveled to Bali and met a medicine man. This little 7o something year old man massaged her head, then poked her a couple of times with a stick and declared that her ‘passion was out of balance’. ‘You have too much’.. he said through missing teeth and broken English.  Through a translator he explained that passion is equal to creativity, her chakras were in balance but she needed to open her heart and express herself.  Years of working in a fast paced environment and raising a family meant she had very little time to herself. This medicine man helped her realized how much of her creativity she was holding back…

When she came home, she signed up for art classes and became addicted to ‘Colour in Your Life’. Like tens of thousands in her city, in the spring of 2016 she was laid off of work from an oil and gas job. She had a glorious summer off of work and immersed herself in painting again.  She is rediscovering her passion and will never again put her paint brush down for long….

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