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Natascha Wernick



Natascha Wernick

About Me

Natascha has been passionate about supporting creativity and artists all her life. Studying teaching at the Queensland University of Technology, growing up in a creative family and travelling has given Natascha a broad view of the world and the importance of the creative spirit in encouraging positive change.

Natascha has been focussed on supporting the development of the Creative Industries and providing opportunities for artists in the Tweed Shire, NSW, Australia for nearly twenty years.  She is one of the founders of both community arts and events organisations – Ukitopia Arts Collective and Creative Caldera and has been engaged in creative community development since she arrived in 2001- when she had a successful handmade jewellery business Babareki Beads.

In 2017, Natascha decided to develop her networks more broadly and to support creativity on a global scale. In her role for Colour in Your Life TV show, she is enjoying collaborating with brands, liaising with artists, TV Companies and publication houses on an international scale.

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