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Arte Annalisa



Arte Annalisa

About Me

Annalisa is a local artist here in Chesterfield, England where she relocated recently after being in Perth Australia for the best part of a decade. She is however from a long line of artistic people in her Italian family. Although Italian Annalisa was born in the West African country of Ghana on December 31st, of 1959.
At a young age, Annalisa was drawing sketching and painting, inspired by the colours, scents, and sounds of her beloved Ghana much of her work to this date incorporates those earlier years where her talent took seed and later blossomed to be the artist she is today. At a young age as her talent grew, she went to boarding school in Italy to study art (Liceo Artistico Ugo Foscolo) and went home to Ghana for her holidays.
Her love of her adopted country has always been prevalent in her works where she often paints African women incorporating pastels and textiles with acrylic. More recently, she has done more abstract works using textile beads with acrylics, still incorporating the vibrant colors that surrounded her all her life from the local people she knew so well, to the African mammies at the Makola market where the array and choice of beads was like being in a Candy store.
Annalisa has travelled extensively always aware of the art all around her, from a simple sunset a garden of flowers to a fashionably dressed woman in Milan. She loves to mingle with other artists and share their ideas.
Annalisa’s Art has enabled her to keep those African roots alive and well displayed on canvas in such a way that the entire world can share and feels that passion witch she loves to pass on by teaching. She previously taught in Private Schools abroad and whilst living in Perth. She also participated in many Exhibitions starting in 2006 in the Perth area.
With her move here to England she is changing her style yet again, right now her passion is water colour encompassing the beauty of the Derbyshire landscapes. Her talent and drive also lends itself to working with decoupage pittorico, beautifying many objects and creating stunning works of art. As of this moment, she is not teaching, however she will be giving private tutoring again once she is settled and established here in the UK.

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