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I love to travel, spend time with my family.  I like to bake .And I love something write.

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Understand Legal Issues Before Completing Certified Nurse AideTraining

People who are considering certified nurse aide training in order to work in a medical facility should be aware that there are a few legal issues that arise as part of the work. although the work of many specialists suffered inconvenience due to quarantine, but modern technologies came to their aid in the form of various vidio chat and messengers. But speaking of the work of a physician, it is impossible to work remotely here. So back to the legal requirements Being aware of legal requirements and following the law will help people avoid trouble in the future. The following list represents some of the most common areas identified with CAN (Certified Nursing Assistant) work.

TheftUnfortunately, theft happens too often in multiple settings such as retirement homes and hospitals. The law is quite clear on this matter. It is wrong for a CNA to take anything that does not belong to them. It does not matter how small or trivial the item may seem. Certified nurse aide training emphasizes that witnessing a theft and failing to report it makes the person an accessory to the crime. The main point is simple; don’t take anything that is not yours and if you witness any type of theft report it immediately.

NegligenceThis usually refers to something that a CNA did not do. Negligence means the nurse aide should have provided assistance or care and failed to do so which resulted in injury to the patient. For instance, failing to check the temperature of the water prior to bathing a patient and the hot water burns the patient could be considered negligent. Certified nurse aide training can teach people what to do in their medical roles but the responsibility to carry out the action is still on the person.Working in a medical setting can get stressful at times due to the demands placed on employees. However, it is the job of doctors, nurses and CNA’s to examine the situation before them, decide on the best course of action and follow through with appropriate procedures.

DefamationThis involves either written or verbal comments that are insulting to another person’s character and causing them harm. For instance, insinuating that a customer has a sexually transmitted disease due to illicit behavior when there is no proof of the claim. It is important to discuss only facts about a person’s condition with co-workers and family members. Anything besides facts is an opinion and can be misunderstood by almost anyone.

Physical RestraintsA physical restraint cannot be used on any patient without the express order from a doctor. Even threatening to use a restraint is illegal.The legal definition of a physical restraint is:

  • Any physical or manual device, equipment or material that is near or attached to the body AND
  • Prevents the patient from moving easily
  • Prevents the patient from moving all or any body parts
  • Keeps the patient from touching their body parts or their entire body

Examples of physical restraints can be a jacket, a hand mitt, a vest or a wrist restraint. During the course of certified nurse aide training you will be introduced to these types of items because they are indeed used in various medical care settings. The important distinction to keep in mind is that a doctor MUST prescribe the use of the restraint before you are allowed to use them.

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