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Amanda Brett Watercolour Artist

About Me

Creating is what I am meant to do. It all started when I was very young, drawing and painting with my father and, although my “artist career” started late, my business career has been modelled on creativity: I designed and made bespoke ball gowns, evening and corporate wear, and, for many years, I worked as an art director and a creative marketing strategist.

I discovered painting en plein air a few years ago, however, my initial attempts were quite grim. I discovered I must be a closet actress (I think I already knew that!) as I thoroughly enjoy painting outdoors and am not phased by “demonstrating”; although I have to admit I allow myself to be interrupted and chat too much!!

I love painting en plein air because it gets me out in the fresh air away from the solitary artist’s existence but also, with the subject right in front of me, I can see all the detail without the optical illusions of photographs. I can measure angles, see colour, understand relationships and pick and choose elements that will help me communicate my ideas. And then I can do what I want!

When I’m not able to paint en plein air (on site), I paint still-life pastiche style, taking reference material from several sources including my imagination. Pastiche creativity allows me to play with shapes and create unique effects all without the distraction of detail and reality.

My goal is to make the most of wet-in-wet watercolour painting. For me, this is the most ‘true’ watercolour technique; I don’t try to control wet in wet washes, I let the natural laws of watercolour play out. I’m very happy to watch the paint settle and dry by itself thus achieving more unique, painterly passages of colour. My aim is to design beautiful wet in wet colour blends that mysteriously materialise into nothing. I create watercolour washes that contain hidden depths, inexplicable layers and unexpected details. I love painting light and colour! I believe in quality, beauty, craftsmanship & passion.

I also paint many different subjects ranging from nudes and portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and abstract. Whatever my subject of the time, I spend many hours researching, designing and drawing and use that research to create several artworks, sometimes over several months. This wide range of subject matter pushes me to become a better artist.

I am fortunate to have been inspired to use the remarkable medium of watercolour by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, George Braque, Gustave Klimt, Juan Gris, Shirley Trevena, Gretchen Albrecht, Moira Huntly, Peter McIntyre and many more. More recently, Frank Webb, Rex Brandt, George Post & my mentor Ted Sherwen.

Why Watercolour?
I’m completely committed to watercolour, other mediums just don’t do it for me so I’ve spent a lot time studying watercolour painting and art privately. There are effects that you just simply cannot get in any other medium; I love the luminosity I can achieve and I love the way I can leave the pigments to just do their thing – I love watching paint dry!!

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