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Alice West Art

About Me

Hello, I am Alice West of Alice West Art.

Born on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland I have lived in Buderim for most of my life. Along with being an Artist and Art teacher of Adults and Children and having a small specialised Art supply business, I was a part-time teacher aide and Art Teacher at Siena Primary for 9.5 yrs until December 2015, working with children in whole classes, small groups and individually. In 2015 I was teaching Art to all year levels at Siena. I started my Art business in mid 2012, leaving Siena at the end of 2015 to go into my business full-time in 2016,  but have been selling my art since 2004.

I am self taught and prefer it that way as it has allowed me to develop my own unique style. I have spent my entire life being artistic or creative in one form or another and have been drawing since I was a small child. I can remember winning art competitions at school and 1st prize at the local Show. I received excellent marks in art at high school, with my art teacher keeping some of my work. When I left school I desperately wanted to go to a graphic design school in Brisbane, but was unable to do that due to family circumstances. But I worked in a Pottery(factory) for my Aunty for a short time, which was a great experience. Life then took a different path, including a family. After separating in 2002 I turned back to drawing and painting as I needed something for myself, being a single mum of two little girls.

My aim is to create paintings that are colourful and have meaning, that evoke happiness, inspiration and other feelings within people as they view my work. Many of my Paintings are from my imagination, are bright and colourful and show my inner child with a little touch of magic. I am inspired by life, nature and the little things in life that are often taken for granted. I have a niave style of pianting that is sometimes whimsical and other times more realistic. When I paint the time disappears, I feel at peace and it feels like I’ve enter another world.

In June 2010 I had a very serious accident, which made me reassess my life. Being given a second chance made me realize how important it is to follow your goals and dreams. I completed a Small Business course in 2012 and my goals and dreams are now to focus on my Art business, enjoy the journey on my new path and to paint, paint, and paint!

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