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Alexandr Kolesnikov



Alexandr Kolesnikov

About Me

My name is Aleksandr. I am glad to present to you my
philosophical-architectural art project “MasterZodchy”.

I discovered my capabilities in early childhood, when
I was 8. Since then I have liked history and things connected with it,
such as buildings, architectural structures, and others. My art began from
simple houses and churches, grew through complex ensembles, and approached its
apogee over the last 6 years.

Along my life I made 109 models of buildings,
architectural forms and technique.  In
summary, all my works of art consist of 77 892 tiny handmade details and
elements. I devoted all my free time for making of these works.

works of art, which you will see later featured, are not only the outlines,
copies and models of buildings and churches but mirror my deep inner
philosophy, which is the base line of the miniature art work collection made in
the same style. Therefore, every work is unique and original and has an
interesting double meaning

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