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Introducing: The Clark Hulings Fund: Art Business Lessons

Clark Hulings Fund

The era of artists seeking permission to show and sell their work is over.

Today, self-directed artists the world over are becoming entrepreneurs and taking their rightful place as the CEO of their own small businesses.

This is probably the best time in history to go into business for yourself—but it comes with responsibility.

And as an artist in business, it’s up to you to not only be the creative in the studio, but also the marketer, salesperson and financial officer.

If you are just getting started in business, or even if you’ve been selling your artwork for years, you know that a successful business has a lot of working parts, and you probably have questions. How do you get started? Which are the right markets for your work? Where do you find your customers? What’s the smartest way to promote yourself?

You are not alone. Actually, most artists in business have the same concerns that you have. Business strategy is not intuitive, it’s learned. You can’t be expected to make decisions without a solid grounding in the fundamentals and an understanding of how business works. Short of going back to school to get a degree in the subject, you must expose yourself to professional development, and especially training that has been developed specifically for creative entrepreneurs.

Carolyn Edlund has been working with artists for years as a business writer, speaker, and consultant. The artists she has met are intelligent, passionate about their creative work, and highly motivated.

There is nothing better than earning a living doing what you love, and I admire everyone who is taking the “road less traveled”.

Carolyn Edlund
Carolyn Edlund

From Carolyn:

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to begin working with The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists. I was impressed by the high level of knowledge and content of their business program, as well as the respect they have for the artists themselves. I’ve been privileged to contribute as a facilitator and Sales Strategies expert, creating courses on everything from sales channels to pricing to leveraging a small business and more. Our team of experts has built a digital campus filled with courses on the business of art that can be accessed by any artist online. They are self-directed, and always available. I cannot recommend a more relevant and complete program for anyone who wants to learn the business of art.

The Clark Hulings Fund Digital Campus is now more than 1,200 artists strong. It’s a state-of-the-art learning center that presents courses in nine different discipline areas and dives deeply into what artists want to know to steer their small businesses as successful professionals.

At CHF, we are proud to have partnered with Colour In Your Life for the past year. Graeme Stevenson and his staff are not only experts, but we believe in what they are doing on a global level.


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