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Introducing the Ashley Hay Art Academy


Online Art Workshops & Business Mentoring

Inspiring Creativity & Empowering Art Business Success

Ashley Hay Art Academy Workshops are comprehensive, step-by-step projects for beginners and beyond… with techniques that will take your artwork to the next level.

Do you LOVE STEAMPUNK or anything RUSTY? Want to learn how to create gorgeous rusty textures in your artwork? Or do you simply want to create art with more confidence?

If so, you will LOVE this NEW online art workshop with artist Ashley Hay. Perfect for beginners or beyond… you will be AMAZED by what you create!

Adapted from her popular, face-to-face, full day studio workshop “Rust Effects”…. the online version brings you the opportunity to access Ashley’s teaching from anywhere in the world. Filmed LIVE in her studio, full of tips and tricks to help fast-track your learning and understanding of the Powertex medium… you are going to feel like you are in the studio with Ashley!

Lady in Rags Workshop Cover - WEB

COMING SOON: My popular Lady in Rags Sculpture Workshop

Launch Date: 10th December 2021…

Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive : For Art Business Success

Join Artist Ashley Hay for this NEW Online Course as she guides you step by step through the process of building an Art Business you love and provides you with all the tools, resources and strategies you need to grow your business! The Course includes 8 Modules of pre-recorded content delivered each Monday PLUS weekly Q&A’s every Wednesday LIVE on Zoom for 8 weeks (approx. 1 hr/week ). You will also receive 24/7 access to the Survive & Thrive Private VIP group where you can interact with the other members and ask Ashley specific questions.

BONUS: Access to the content for 6 months after completion.


For as long as I can remember I have always had charcoal or a brush in my hand… drawing, painting, sculpting, creating and performing… Living life with art at the core.

As more of an expressionist than a realist, I love exploring new possibilities and ideas outside of the square, and have always enjoyed creating large works. I have a passion for exploring alternative art surfaces and texture as a vehicle for capturing the beauty of the world around me.

During my teenage years I was a Special Art student at Applecross SHS and received the Art Award in year 12. By age 21, after completing a degree in Fine Arts, a Diploma of Education and exploring the galleries of Europe for over a year, I returned home to WA, “retiring” to a house in the country where I planned to pursue my art career. My 20s were filled with passion, adventure and creativity… full of hope, vision for the future and the sparkle of youth. Following an exciting, but turbulent relationship, that ended in marriage and divorce by 27, my dreams were shattered and I lost my way for a few years, largely abandoning my artwork, along with my early life. 

In a desperate search to understand myself and my place in the world I entered into a Theology degree that enabled me to delve deeply into the purpose of life… I found I had more questions than I had answers, but along the way I made peace with myself and re-married. My spirituality is a predominant influence in my artwork to this day.

Entering a new phase of life I began work as an Art and Drama teacher where my passion for inspiring creativity was truely ignited.

During my teaching years, I explored my love of theatre, including Mask, Mime and Movement, with the introduction of a Circus program at its core. Many of the more “at risk” students found a sense place in the circus program where they developed trust, skills, confidence and so much more… it was very rewarding being part of their success. In 2009 I took on an additional role that led to an unrealistic workload, and an inordinate amount of stress, that ended in a work related breakdown by the middle of the year.

This impacted my life dramatically. I left teaching, never to return, and suffered through many years of anxiety and panic that I still have to manage today. Despite this, I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason… The upside to my breakdown was that it resulted in a return to my art, and through my art I found the road to recovery.

In mid 2011 I launched an art business as the importer of Powertex Art Supplies for Australia. I remember meeting with a business advisor, breaking down in tears, stressed and broken, as he looked at me and asked how on earth I imagined I could run my own business… but in my heart I knew it was possible. Fast forward 10 years to 2021… and I have a successful Art Business I love. 

Over the years I have inspired countless people to create, running hundreds of workshops from my studio in Safety Bay and throughout Australia. I have maintained my own art practice with several successful exhibitions and am well known for my contribution to Wearable Art Mandurah as a two time finalist (2014; 2016), sponsor of the competition and judge (2017-2019). I have spoken at Trade Shows, schools, Tertiary institutions and the Karl Von Busse Institute of Fashion in Sydney.

Since Feb 2020, I have been LIVE Streaming weekly inspirational content to Facebook, and am now simulcasting to You Tube. I have produced and edited my own videos and am excited about the launch of Ashley Hay Art Academy that now delivers my Art Workshops online so that people can access my teaching from anywhere in the world.

Through the Academy, I have more recently entered the Art Coaching and Mentoring space with my NEW Course Survive & Thrive for Art Business Success and my signature Mastermind Program. In these courses I have made it my mission to help fast track art business growth by sharing everything I’ve learned, in over 10 years of having my own business, to help others create a thriving art business they love.

Whether you’re thinking about starting an Art Business, or you’re further down the road, these coaching and mentoring courses are designed to meet you where you’re at.

I am passionate about, and have a vision for, inspiring creativity and empowering Artists so that collectively we can change the world through art.


See you on the inside! 

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