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How to paint marine life with Madeleine Elkin

Madeleine Elkin artwork

Colour in Your Life featured artist Madeleine Elkin appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty One (21).

Read a little bit about the artist here, and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Madeleine Elkin was born in England, however, coming to Australia when only 3, she has grown up and still resides in the southern coastal area of South Australia.

She was an avid drawer in her childhood and was recognised by many teachers for her drawing prowess, but like many people, her artistic endeavours were put on the back burner when she entered into the corporate world for work. It wasn’t until her early 30’s that she decided to start her art journey again, and commenced weekly art and craft classes at Goodwood. 2010 saw Madeleine notch her art priorities up another level again. She regularly attended workshops with local and interstate artists, including a 7 day workshop in Italy with artist, Julian Hyzler, and has just recently finished 6 years of general painting classes with a local art school in order to hone her skills and broaden her knowledge.

February 2013 saw Madeleine’s work permanently displayed for 2 years at Ekhidna Winery, McLaren Vale situated in the southern wine region of South Australia and a renown tourist area. Many of her works were purchased by local, interstate and international collectors. She continues to exhibit frequently throughout Adelaide and has garnered herself a small following through her art page and website –

South Australia’s clear, bright skies bring out the best of nature’s colours, and it is this beauty of colour Madeleine likes to enhance and play with in her pieces in an impressionistic style working in both acrylics and oils through many genres, be it still life, landscapes or abstracts.

“I love to paint what I live – the local flora and fauna, all influence my work in some way” – Madeleine Elkin

Watch Madeleine’s Episode Here:

You can contact Madeleine Elkin about her art tips or art techniques directly via her website at

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