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How to be prepared for public attention.

How to be prepared for public attention

Gaining publicity can drive a lot of attention and even be a bit overwhelming. Natascha Wernick -film maker, Business Coach and Manager of Put Some Colour in Your Life shares her tips on how to be best prepared.

Making the decision to invest in a Put Some Colour in Your Life TV Show can be one of the biggest and most life changing decisions an artist can make.  The TV show began in Australia on Australian TV and over the last ten years has expanded enormously to be picked up by TV networks in over fifty countries. You can find Colour in Your Life on your Smart TV apps and on the online streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the socials. Although the total number of viewers per show is inconclusive, we believe it to be in the millions and it doesn’t stop there.  The Colour in Your Life team continue to distribute the syndicated TV show, constantly searching for new methods of distribution in order to reach new audiences around the globe.

Although this kind of publicity may not result in the press banging on your door asking for the full story, it does mean that viewers from all around the world will get to know you. These viewers may then  contact you online to buy your work, book commissions, or register for your workshops.

Our most successful artists know that a positive mind-set needs to occur from very beginning. Confident, happy artists easily commit to investing in the filming because they  realise that it is a marketing tool and an exciting business decision. They know that they will receive much more exposure than via an art fair or an art Magazine ad. They also ensure that their website and socials are ready for the increased exposure and, that they have art works ready for sale, and workshops ready for booking. These artists understand that sharing their techniques is not about giving up secrets but inspiring others. They are prepared and ready.

The clever artist has told their fans, followers and collectors that they will be appearing on Colour in Your Life. They keep them up-to-date with behind the scenes images and generally build the excitement.  They inform the local media, and some even have the local reporter taking photos on the day of filming. Many artists have a gallery event to launch their show with wine and cheese and lots of art. They hold the space of positivity, confidence and happiness and this radiates to those around them.

De Gillet was filmed  by Colour in Your Life in 2016 and has over 370K views on her YouTube. She describes the responses she received.

I have been invited to teach this technique in many far-flung parts of Australia, from Albany to Rockhampton and more. The newsletter mailing list for Arts Tree, where I teach, has increased by 1000%. It took us several weeks to catch up with our overflowing inbox and respond to all the inquiries. Many collectors, having now seen my work, have purchased paintings. In the first month after Colour in Your Life aired, 5 large paintings were sold, and that has continued with my current exhibition at The Manly Gallery achieving fantastic sales figures. Many of the enormous opening night crowd were there simply because they had seen me on the show.

De Gillett

Preparing for your appearance on Colour in Your Life is the key to maximising the your exposure and the benefits that come with making your appearance. A prepared artist with a business mindset can be confident, happy and ready for their business to grow.  Their website will clearly show where the viewer can shop, how the viewer can book a workshop or a commission and, how they can  be contacted. They will have a dedicated page for collecting emails subscribers so they can begin an email relationship with their fans.  They will have the show embedded on their website, once it is released.  

Their socials will be full of discussion and excitement about the show leading up to the filming, during the filming phase and after it has launched. They will have put aside time to respond to the YouTube comments and messages they receive from viewers in the first two weeks of the show going to air.

The confident artist practises telling their stories in front of family / friends or even in front of the mirror to ensure they project the right personas, and to make sure they convey the key messages about their art practice. They ensure they present themselves in their best light and that the studio is reflective of their personality. They are willing to be authentic and vulnerable for the camera to build a deeper relationship with the viewer. Our research and experience tells us that people  buy from those they know, like and trust.

The wise and astute artist has a goal in mind. They know what they want to receive in return for their investment in the show. They let the film makers know this goal. The show’s scripting and storytelling support this goal as does the artist’s website. The experienced artist has a mentor or friend who they can ask for advice when the new opportunities arise .  They also understand that the Colour in Your Life premium members Community are activated to support and answer questions as  they arise. They understand that they are part of a supportive Colour in Your Life family who will continue to support the artist for years to come. 

Summing up- here’s the strategy.

Be prepared, committed and positive.  Make sure you are ready to share your authentic self.  Don’t be afraid to share your inner processes.  Practise your story telling.   Organise your studio.  Update your website and engage with followers on your socials. Pull your support team around you like a blanket. Allocate time for responding. And remember, people buy from those they know like and trust.   

If you are considering investing in a Colour in Your Life documentary about you and your art contact us today or read more here .

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