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Hot August Nights US Film Tour- Artist call out

The Colour in Your Life film crew will be coming to film in the US in late August and we are calling for artists to apply to be filmed.

We create 24-minute story based art documentaries about you and your art. We film in your studio and then we share it to audiences around the world via TV stations and online platforms.

Why would an artist want a Colour in your Life documentary made about their art?

There are many reasons why artists choose to have documentary made about them and their art.

Some want to have it as a legacy so the next generation can see their techniques.
Some want a professional video made so they can send it to galleries.
Some want it for trade shows, festivals or exhibition openings.
Some want to drive people to their website to increase their online sales.
Some want to increase their art workshop participation.

Most want to increase the sales of their artwork.


But doesn’t it cost alot?

Having a personalized documentary professionally created about you and your art and distributed to millions of people around the world does come at a cost. Although the cost differs from country to country, it costs about the same as a decent sized advertisement in an art magazine…. but lasts for eons longer.

Should I choose a magazine ad or a video?

All successful artists need to do a certain amount of marketing and promotion.

A website with products on sale and a good social media presence are the fundamentals of your marketing, but you still need some form of a funnel to lead clients to your website to make sales.

Artists are often bombarded with offers from magazines to purchase an advertisement to go alongside an editorial where they are featured. They will offer $1000-$10,000 for a static advertisement that will sit in a magazine on coffee tables for a month and then be shelved. Perhaps your ad will be seen by 10,000 people and perhaps half will get out of their armchairs and go to the computer to search for you. Perhaps they will look at more of your work and maybe contact you to ask more questions……..

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We are now accepting contracts from artists who wish to be part of our Hot August Nights film tour.

Don’t hesitate! This is an incredible opportunity! Don’t let it pass you by!

Follow the apply to be a featured artist link and do some reading, then contact me with your online profile and we can go from there.  Make sure you send your phone number so we can give you a call…

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Natascha Wernick
Business Manager
Uki,  NSW Australia

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P.S. Remember most of our artists don’t spend their own money. They partner with an art supply shop or company,  councils, businesses or tourism associations.  Read more here.  We can help you liaise with the potential new sponsors that you identify.

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