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Help us get us through this rough period.

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From Graeme’s desk

In the last 12 years we have worked incredibly hard to bring you Colour in Your Life and all the great artists that come with it from across the world. I’m reaching out today, to say that we  would like your help.  I don’t normally do this and I haven’t done it before but, we need your help to keep our business afloat.

An important part of our business model was to travel to artist’s studios around the world to film them for CIYL series.  Due to COVID travel restrictions, we have not been able to move around and film as we once did.

We still want to film artists for Colour in Your Life.  I think it’s benefited a lot of people across the world and made a huge difference to the artists that we have filmed.  We can be seen on TV networks in over 50 countries these days. I’ve got a fantastic team of people that work with me. It is pretty amazing what we’ve done and, we’ve put our heart and soul into this. 

We are wanting to send you to our Patreon page where you can make a contribution to our cause. Even a small amount counts.  A cup of coffee a month basically is what we’re asking for, and with our hundreds of thousands of subscribers, followers, and members, it should be enough to keep us going through this chaotic and transitional time.  

We dearly want to keep our business going but,  we need your help.  CIYL is a great idea and a very different business model.  I don’t think there’s any other business like this on the planet. 

If you could go into Patreon and become a patron of CIYL we’d really appreciate it.

We are going to give as much as we can. We have new gifts that we are offering.

Including a monthly art challenge complete with reference photos and a Friday Facebook live with me in the studio. You will have access to many different things that you wouldn’t normally see and more including discounts to our CIYL merchandise.

The main this is we’d like you to become a patron of CIYL. That’s the main thing. 

We do know about the business of art. I have had quite a successful career as an artist and I make it quite a good living out of doing that but, with the number of people working with us these days, we actually need just need the extra help just to keep it going.

Help us get us through these rough periods so that when the COVID madness eventually goes away we can step back onto the stage again.

Natascha Wernick, Graeme Stevenson, and Sophia Stacey

So, come in support us. We hope to see you there and we will do our best to make sure you have a great time as well.  Thank you. 

Love and gratitude

Graeme Stevenson OAM

Founder and CEO

Put Some Colour in Your Life TV show

We have recently made some big changes to our Patreon platform. With easier-to-follow patron levels, better perks, and more interactivity, monthly art challenges, and a Facebook group especially for our Patrons, we know you are going to love the changes we’ve made!

We would love your support to help us grow and keep filming artists all over the world.

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