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    The Bull Artist

    ‘The Bull Artist’ http://www.thebullartist paints on kangaroo hide with acrylic paint, pastel and then stitches the detail which then wakes up the painting and voila a 2 d Painting with a walk off the page 3D effect. Probably the only person in the world that paints in this style. Whilst primarily ‘The Bull Artist’ paints mostly portraits of Bulls she enjoys painting other topics at her leaguer. Cheers and enjoy😀


    I love to paint with both acrylic paint and oil paint using both brushes and pallet knives


    I tackle a great deal of photography and watercolor. I’ve been toying with the idea of water friendly oils, but I haven’t committed to that one yet. I used to do acrylics and am really disappointed that the new hydrocryls aren’t available in the US.


    Hi, I started out using oils and have been using them for approx. 30 years. A few months ago I wanted a new challenge and have started using pastels.
    I’m a complete novice in this medium but so far it’s been exciting and I’m enjoying it. I work almost full time, so don’t get a chance to paint everyday but try to set time aside often as I can to take up the challenge. Would love to hear from other pastel artists. Thanks.


    I absolutely love Oils and I get to use them more for the next 6 months. I use Acrylics more so at Art Group and when sitting at night doing something small. I am at the moment trying out Acrylics with Abstract painting.


    I enjoy using oils. I have worked with acrylics but just can’t get a feel for them. I also like using watercolours. I have tried pastel but find I cannot cope with the mess, but I have bought some pan pastels to try.


    Started with acrylics, but am now into watercolour and have just started in pastels – can’t pick a fave

    barry. john . Isted

    GLOSS PAINT ? I get on with oils more than enything

    But some years ago I used gloss paint
    in the same idear as encostic
    The efect was very difernt from other mediums

    Im working in most mediums
    oil is my favorite
    Pastals. Inks and pencil,
    Mixed mediums I have tryed pencil , inks
    water coulors love to experiment

    Anyway enjoy whatever mediums

    Zilpa van der Gragt

    I use pyrography as my under painting and encaustic paint for colour. I call it PyroWax and have not yet come across anyone else combining the two mediums in the way I do.


    i use acrylics and watercolors both togther ,have used oils but i find them too messy,i got put onto W oils water soluable oils no turps etc have used them couple of times gone back to acrylics

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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