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    Arte Annalisa

    I would like to see more Pastel Artist.


    Any particular Artists you enjoy?


    Just love the freedom of Encaustic wax and a small iron. Have been trying for 20 odd years to be ‘reasonable’ with paints, and have had some basic results. but Encaustic it seems to turn out every time. …..Love the stuff. Phyll

    Arte Annalisa

    My favored medium is pastel, i love the texture and vibrant colors.


    Just love encaustic, applied with a hot small iron, and assorted mini tools. I get the more brilliant back grounds and skies with this medium. and ‘trees’ my favourite thing to draw, end up with life oozing out of them. Have been trying to paint for 15 years now, but still cannot ‘see’ properly.
    Loved the show of the folk applying gold leaf. before applying it was it just water that was used or a special medium so that the gold can stick
    Many thanks Phyll


    Hi All,

    I have been trying to learn to paint with acrylics for a few years, however I’m not too happy with the results. I’m currently playing with a mixed media approach of acrylics and collage – both to build up an interesting surface just like Shazia Imran – and to collage in some coloured pencil pieces to create more detail in a way that is better than I can do with a brush.

    As for a specific brand Liquitex Matte medium is my favourite for both working with acrylic glazes and attaching paper collage pieces.



    I love watercolor, acrylic and pastels.


    Abstract, mixed media and acrylic!


    I started off with oils, however I now love using gouache and watercolour.


    love acrylic and watercolor or mixed


    Just starting out after a long hiatus. I always used acrylics, and still using them, but have discovered colored pencils…looking forward to exploring…


    Water colours – I like and enjoy working with the lovely water colours – its a very interesting medium with very unsual n amazing results. The colour transparency is great and has very effective layering effect – if done rightly.


    I really enjoy Pyrography , Colored Pencils & Water Colors. I experiment many other mediums but those are my three favorates.


    Well as most as started with pencil, charcoal and Ink. I loved black and white and was always striving for realism. Now, many years later, I’m fascinated with colors and mixing mediums. Using high pigment Inks, Gels, And other water base mediums, as well as playing with translucent and opaque mediums. I get overwhelmed and feel like I don’t have enough time to create. Instead of stressing trying to get my artwork to look like my subject, I am experimenting with possibilities. I think an artist can go ” mad” trying to be satisfied with their art. Focus is my goal, in hopes I’ll get there. Not ” mad”, but satisfied, lol.


    Love transparent watercolor as well as pen and wash.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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