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    I vote for Janet Thatcher. Her work is absolutely amazing. Just love the big cats!!


    I vote Janet Thatcher!!!
    Awesome artist!!!!!

    Elizabeth Barlow

    I loved Janet Thatcher’s work, wonderful animal artist

    Jennifer Bowey

    Janet Thatcher’s work is increddible. So lifelike, that is why I am voting for her.


    Janet Thatchers work is truly inspirational . Her animals are totally realistic.
    Please repeather program again.


    My favourite episode hands down is the one with the amazingly talented Janet Thatcher, please air the episode again. Janet is a beautiful person who deserves support and recognition for her breathtaking talent.
    Ligerwolve designs on Facebook. Check out her amazing talent there!!!!


    I would love to see I loved Janet Thatcher from Ligerwolve Designs again, the work was amazing and so real looking!


    I vote for Jo Frederiks.
    She wins hands down in my opinion, being able to convey the message of compassion through her art.

    Incognito Jones

    I Would like to vote for Jo Frederiks ‘How to draw Animals’
    The rare ability to convey a thought provoking, current, extremely relevant & sometimes shocking message without words is to me the essence of art.

    Jo Frederiks does this with every picture. These are times of change. People are considering their lifestyle choices & environmental issues. Questioning the status quo.
    Art that stops someone in their tracks & encourages further investigation into a controversial subject matter is always a good thing.

    To me the story behind the art is as interesting as the art itself. IJ

    AJ Paul

    I vote for “How to draw animals” with Jo Frederiks. Her art touches ones soul, the message is so strong and her talent is out of this world!


    I would like to vote for Janet Thatchers episode, I think she is a exceptional artist and loves the subjects that she paints which shows through in her artworks.


    I vote for my episode as Graeme and I are the best two looking bald guys on television!! Who can argue with that? Hahahaha 😀

    Diamond Love

    My vote is for “How to draw animals” with Jo Frederiks. Her art is stunning and her message is so full of integrity.

    For me art is about who we are in the world and what we show of ourselves through what we create.

    It’s nice to look at a pleasing picture that is technically good, which Jo’s work most definitely is, but its more important to feel moved by what I see. When the artist can show us new things that make us think and question, that make us look inside ourselves; that is art I want to learn more about.

    The energy and passion in Jo’s work is outstanding and I’d love that episode to be shown so that more people can learn about connecting their feelings with what they show in their art and lives.


    I vote for Janet Thatcher’s episode to be aired again because she is an amazing artist that explains in great detail how to create amazing pieces of art!! Janet’s episode should definitely be aired again!


    Hi All,

    Thank you all for your input. I’m going to read over all the reasons and make a decision, this was not just about votes but about why you thought the episode you chose . I wish I could play all of them but we do have limited spots and some episodes where already scheduled in. I hope you all continue to give me your feedback when I put these things out on the forums as I really do love to hear everyone’s opinions whether we all agree or not. It’s part of the beauty of opinions.

    Good luck and again thanks to everyone that gave their voice!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)
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