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    Over the Xmas period we will be airing a few repeat episodes.The team will be away filming during this time creating some amazing new episodes for the new year.We will be reliving some of our wonderful featured artists from past episodes.I would love to hear from the community about what episode you would love to see repeated and why? The best reason or the most voted will be aired during this time!

    Jo Frederiks

    I’ll vote for myself if that’s okay – ‘How to Draw Animals with Jo Frederiks’. As for why it should be repeated: what’s more important than exposing through the power of Art, the atrocities we inflict on the helpless and vulnerable? My episode brings to light the well hidden exploitation, slavery, torture and genocide, every consumer directly supports when they needlessly consume nonhuman animals or their secretions. Worth a repeat don’t you think.


    I really loved the episode with Susan Harrison-Tustain. Her paintings are some of the best watercolour paintings that I have seen and I loved watching the methods that she used to create them. It really was an inspiration for me to keep painting.

    Janette Goodall

    Hi I love the episode with Anne Marie Graham. Not only do I love her work, so fantastic but I love how she is living her life. It’s exactly how I would want to see my twilight years. Been waited on for everything and the only thing to worry about is painting. Beautiful.


    I have to say that I have three favourites! Doreen Mcneill loved how she approached her abstract and the end product. I think I watched that episode atleast half a dozen times. Linda Mac Aulay was brilliant. Loved the colours and the use of different mediums. Plus I have spent time in the Pilbara and Kimberley’s so the vibrant colours took me back. Finally Mark Waller and his skill with creating water on canvas in acrylic. Would love to do a workshop with these people, and in fact have booked myself into a workshop in the New Year with Mark Waller on the Central Coast. Can’t wait!

    Jo Hanna

    I vote for “How to Draw Animals with Jo Frederiks”. It should be repeated because this episode Jo brings to light the hidden exploitation, slavery, torture and hideous slaughter of animals, people directly support when they consume animal products. It should be repeated because consumers have a right to know what they are supporting.

    ian shedley

    timo rannali from new zealand was my fave episode so far. its just a shame hes a kiwi! haha.
    but i learned a lot and was very inspired with his loose and casual style and vibrant colour use, etc.
    his is a style similar to work ive done a lot of before, so i found it to be of great inspiration and benefit to me.
    cheers. shedz


    Geez, how do I pick, so many wonderful talents out there.

    I’ve narrowed it down to three in order.

    Janet Thatcher – How to create lifelike pastels. Janet rocks, and is very humble about her talent, more people need to see what she can do, and see she’s worthy of learning from. There is definitely more to what Janet does than putting pastel to velour, and a painting pops out.

    Nick Eggelston – Water Colour Dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs, can I say more, yes more dogs and I love how there is that little bit of humanisation, after all dogs have the same mental capacity of a human child.

    Sandra Temple – Coloured Pencils. Me being a pretend artist with my artist grade pencils and my colouring books, I loved how Sandra showed what is able to be produced with the FC products and the layering abilities, it gives me hope that one day I might be able to do something that is a tenth of what Sandra can do.

    clare mann

    I would like to vote for Jo Frederiks – her art is both stunning and haunting – it speaks about a world of the voiceless and our folly in acting as if we are superior. If a picture can speak a thousand words, I think Jo’s work speaks a million!

    Elena Wewer

    I vote for ‘How to Draw Animals with Jo Frederiks’ – this was the first episode of Colour In Your Life I saw and I was deeply impressed with how the show really let the animal rights issue have a strong place in the episode. In particular, I was so thankful how Graeme spoke with Jo with genuine interest and curiosity about the message of her work. He occupied a very important place within this episode: as a sort of “mediator” between the animal rights community (represented wonderfully by Jo) and the wider community, in this case those who like art and are watching the episode. For this reason I think it’s hugely important to get this episode shown to as many people as possible. We never know where and when people may make the connection about animals, and letting Jo’s truly incredible artwork do the speaking will not only help the movement, but present art in a positive light, as something that can be a social change for good.

    Julie McHenry

    I vote for the repeat of “How to draw animals with Jo Frederiks”. I think this episode highlights the epitome of what I believe art to be. At the beginning of the episode Graeme states that it’s about education and making a social statement about what artists are.

    The questions, What is art?, and What is an artist?, will never have one standard answer.

    This is from Plato’s Republic:
    [Socrates:] Which is the art of painting designed to be—an imitation of things as they are, or as they appear—of appearance or of reality?
    [Glaucon:] Of appearance.
    [Socrates:] Then the imitator…is a long way off the truth…

    This is a quote from Paul Gauguin: “Art is either plagiarism or revolution”.

    I interpret these responses to mean that art either imitates things as they appear, which is a form of plagiarism, or as they are, that is, an imitation of reality which, in the context of Jo’s art, is revolutionary. The title of the episode is perfect; “How to draw animals with Jo Frederiks”. Exactly, she draws them as they are, not how we like them to appear to us.

    Jo shows things as they really are, not as they appear to be. Her art educates people about the realities of animal suffering which lie behind the beautiful appearance of the roast pork dinner or the fur coat. Art is also autobiographical so we see who Jo is too; her compassion and dedication show through her art. It also shows us who we are, it’s a reflection of what we’re doing to animals. This episode is not only educational via the messages and statements Jo’s art makes but also via her description of the tips and techniques she uses to create these pieces.


    My vote is for “How to Draw Animals with Jo Frederiks.” Ms. Frederiks art work is educational, creative, and truly epitomizes what art should represent: bringing truth to the surface. The images she protrays challenge assumptions and social customs that not only no longer serve us, but are extremely destructive. Ms. Frederiks’ works represent our highest ideals and deepest values. Her brilliantly constructed images expose how social acceptance of animal industries causes people to behave in ways that directly oppose their ideals and values, by contributing to animal cruelty, human suffering, and environmental destruction.

    Mo Orr

    Oh please – how to draw animals with Jo Frederiks. We need artist/educators like Jo to create a better world for our children, our future.

    patty mark

    I vote for “How to draw animals” with Jo Frederiks. I love art so much and if it’s made with passion and love for others it’s even more powerful and this is exactly what Jo’s art is. thank you.

    Enid taylor

    I would like to vote for Janet thatcher as I would really like to see her episode again. I loved the detail she puts in all her drawings and the enthusiasm she displays for her art.

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