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    Robert Egbert

    Hello, I’m Robert from Seattle!

    Since I watch the show on YouTube I always get a little excited when Im one of the early number of views lol so being one of first few on the forum is just as exciting haha

    I wanted to suggest a forum section for about studio space -ask, share and show off tips, tricks and clever solutions for in the studio. And to share studio space pics, I always enjoy seeing other artists work space


    Hi Robert,
    Gary in Bundaberg, Queensland here.
    My studio:
    I have a small space in a garage which is used to store house hold effects. I purchased an old metal computer table from an op shop for $5.00.
    Converted the keyboard shelf into a drawer to hold my oil paints.
    On the top I screwed a section of wood with a white wall tile glued to it and use this as a palette to mix my paint on. To this piece of wood is screwed a back board which holds two L brackets. These support a length of 20mm thick dowel. I use this to hold rolls of paper towels etc for cleaning.
    The shelves underneath hold a selection of small plastic containers for acrylic paints, thinners etc.
    to the left side I have attached a wire basket from a kitchen supplier and this holds three containers for my brushes and knives
    I can wheel this to where I want to work and have evrything close to hand.
    My easel I built from a plan from a USA company. It cost me $40.00 for the plan and I built the Cadmium H frame easel for $550.00. I used Tasmanian Oak and Kwila hard wood. It is a very stable easel and can be moved easily on its castors. It is a heavy easel and weighs in around 80kg; but holds very large canvases.
    If you would like to view some photos for your reference email me on
    All the best


    Hi Gazza,

    I’d love to see some photos can you post them in the forum?



    We used to move every two years. After 24 years we are finally done moving around! I have had anything and everything for a studio space; tv trays. fold and store tables, full room to anything I wanted, little desks, and just a back pack.

    I have been allowed to experiment due to the constraints of different spaces in different places. I thought I would be happiest in a large – all to my self- dedicated studio, where nothing ever had to be put away for other events. Where projects could overlap and over flow.

    I was wrong.

    For me, I need to be in the middle of everything. If I am tucked away, I feel claustrophobic and isolated. I forget to keep house and forget to feed my family! LOL.

    My current workspace is an antique school master’s desk pushed up against a giant bay of windows overlooking our property. I can be in the middle of everything, and still keep up with my art at the same time. Since it is easily accessible, it is never out of sight/out of mind :D

    Photos of my space are on my blog.


    living in a small rural town, with limited options for a studio in a building, i bought an old 22 ft caravan and revamped the insides to suit what I needed for my art studio, at one end I have where there is great light, this is where I paint, and the other end is used for the framing areas, it also has an area where I can teach my students, and an outside area so I can sit in the sunshine, absorb my surroundings and be inspired by beautiful gardens on my property., I am not only a painter and delve into several forms of art, i have also created another studio area for my glass art, mosaicking, and general arts I choose to do at my other house, giving me 2 types of different spaces for the types of art forms I do.
    I do believe that u can do art where ever u are, and may only require a small space to achieve this. I usually carry a backpack with a drawing book and pencils to draw whenever I get inspired or a notebook to write down ideas before I forget them.
    have fun in your art
    live in love and art

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    I have a corner of the shed in our yard – and being in North Queensland, summer can get a bit uncomfy, as you can imagine.

    When I work with acrylics, I like having a space I can throw paint around without worrying about making a mess, and being able to head to ‘work’ so to speak, every day. I like having a separate space from our home, even if it is only in the back yard.

    When I work with watercolour it’s a bit different – I find I don’t need as much space, so I tend to do that at night at the kitchen table.

    Whatever works!!!

    Happy Days, Trace

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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