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Peoples Choice DVD Set 2016 Nominations

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    Have you ever wanted to create a DVD set of your favourite Colour In Your Life artists? Have you thought I really wish these artists were on a DVD set together? Well now we are giving you the chance to do just that.

    Tell us which 4 artists you would like to see on an official Colour In Your Life DVD set and why you chose them and we will release a vote to our premium members on the nominated combinations.

    Once we have a winner we will create an official Colour In Your Life DVD set as chosen by the members that will be available in our online store. The member of the winning combination will also be given credit for their suggestion on the DVD cover and awesome bragging rights for their choice of artists.

    Nominations will be taken up until the 8th Dec 2016 so what are you waiting for tell us your favourites now!



    Just to get things started here are my nominations:-

    Choosing just 4 is so hard but for this year I’ll go with these

    Nick Eggleston – Being a Bulldog owner myself I just love his Bull Terrier creations.
    Wendy Fantasia – Her creations are just beautiful and full of colour, The images produced from her work just blow me away.
    Scott Denholm – I love his take on ocean scenes, modern and full of colour.
    Doreen McNeill – I’m a big abstract fan and this lady I could listen to her stories for hours. She is such a delight.

    So there you go, these are my choices and reasons. I’m a big fan of colour, abstract and quirky. I can’t wait to hear the nomination choices of our fans!

    The Colour In Your Life Team


    linda bartlett

    I would like to nominate

    Nick Broughton
    Linda MacAulay
    Dee Gillett
    Tracey Creighton

    Im a big fan of inks and textures


    Jo Allen

    I would like to nominate Jeanette Sellwood Gina Davey Jen Denise Stark and De Gillett as these 4 artists have helped me so much when I changed over from oils to acrylics.


    ian shedley

    hi guys!
    id like to nominate for the 2016 peoples choice…..

    mark waller
    timo rannali
    doreen mcneill
    steve hillier

    i think these 4 are awesome and each offer something different that would be great on a cd.



    Hi All
    I would like to nominate the following:

    Jen Denise Stark
    Tricia Reust
    Dee Gillett
    Glen Farquhar

    These are all fantastic with their flamboyant colour combinations, innovative ideas and presentation, resulting in stirring the imagination to greater heights. They all have unusual ways of achieving the finished product, opening new horizons for others to investigate.



    I would like to nominate firstly Mark Waller and Scott Denholm.

    Both are creating amazing artworks of the same theme but in different perspectives 😉




    I would love to see a Watercolour DVD including Joseph Zbukvic
    David Taylor
    Alvaro Castagnet
    Amanda Hyatt
    They are amazing artists their work in watercolour inspires me to paint.

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    Other members have picked some good ones! I so ENJOYED and would love to have a DVD with;
    David Taylor
    Alvaro Castagnet
    Craig Penny
    Joseph Zbukvic
    This is a really hard thing to do there are so many wonderful artists that inspire us all. I have many more that I would love to pick but this is my start.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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