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    Paula Wiegmink

    Over the years I have become very involved with wildlife conservation. Using my art as a vehicle to draw awareness to various issues. My particular area of interest is wildlife crime and endangered species. Do you think that art can make a difference? Can it convey a visual message that is powerful enough to bring about change. Let me know your thoughts. Paula Wiegmink


    Kev Dennis

    I have just watched the episode showcasing Paula Wiegminks’ work. What an inspiration, and such an important message for conservation, and for our endangered species. The Rhino tears work is very moving and thought provoking.


    Paula Wiegmink

    Hi Kev,
    Thank you for watching the program and taking the time to leave a message. I apologize for taking so long to reply but I have been travelling and not had internet access. It is so sad to see how so many animals are being slaughtered. Using my art as a tool is one way I am able to draw attention to the plight of these endangered animals. I only hope that these wildlife crimes can be stopped before it is too late. All the very best to you, kind regards Paula ……



    My fine art particularly mirrors my adoration for nature. This, with my different advantages: the investigation of common history, photography, deliberate untamed life safeguard; is essential to my work. Alongside concentrate behavioral examples of individual species; I’m additionally captivated by the bunch hues and examples inside nature.
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    I recently watch Paula Wiegminks’ work. It is a truly inspirational and motivational. As we can see here. I believe in you and your Art.


    Florence Willburn

    Excellent activity. I like to appreciate your interest towards this field.Wild life conservation is very essential in recent days. Animals also have the equal right to live in this world. Latest research paper of research paper writing service reviews reveals it.



    For Sure Art has an amazing and meaningful impact that will blow people’s mind. You never know what your Art can do. I appreciate your thoughts to bring light on Wildlife Crime via Art. I hope and wish you really very best. I want to suggest you to do sale your talent in Art Exhibitions too , there you will meet more people of the same taste that will admire your work and can bring more light on this issue. You can Offer some discount coupons too on your Art presentation by doing this you will grab more attention.



    Nice Post.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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