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Flower Painting Watercolour Techniques – Part 4 Timelapse Demonstration with John Hulsey

John Hulsey, master watercolour artist, author and teacher, brings you Part 4 of his 4-part time-lapse series in painting an Iris in watercolour.

Constance Berdan Sherman (artist and faculty member of a specialized branch of the State University of New York) wrote in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, The Forces of Nature at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art:

“After many years of living the landscape, so to speak, John has developed consummate skill in presenting its aspects on paper or canvas, and his generosity in imparting these skills in workshops and articles is widely known. Far beyond this, the scope of his gift to us in these works is difficult to describe. He seems to be not so much painting a picture for us as giving us the landscape in an almost literal sense. We are at the point of observation, not excluded by a frame nor witnesses to an event. We participate in the landscape, witnessing what we may always have known but rarely call to conscious thought.

We know how those small waves break on the shore, how the sand shines and reflects for an instant, how the luster departs as the water sinks in. We have seen those patches of sunlight and shadow moving over the hills, and he reminds us that we know them. We know how those small rivers glow as they wind out in the sunset, although we may have forgotten in the traffic of living. John’s paintings represent, re-present, give us back our presence in the landscape and our feeling of existing in it under the sky. This is a grand gift in all senses. We need to be reminded occasionally how the light embraces, and then moves on. There is some sort of magic in capturing the instant with this degree of perception.”

John and his painter wife, Ann Trusty, founded The Artist’s Road teaching site in 2010 to share their lifetime of experience in art to an international audience.  

John has an online course coming up “Spring Poppies“.  Keep your eyes open for that, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy Part 4 and the conclusion of John’s time-lapse watercolour demo of this glorious Iris.

This video has a bonus where John paints another Iris in the last 9 minutes, building and simplifying on what he has learned from painting the first Iris!

In case you missed the first ones, here is Part 1here is Part 2, and here is Part 3 :)

Watch Part 4 of John’s Tutorial Here:

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For John’s upcoming workshops, click here.

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