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Featured Artist Ann Hart

Ann Hart's episode on Colour In Your Life is now live!

Colour in Your Life featured artist Ann Hart appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty (20)

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Ann Hart grew up in Pennsylvania as the youngest of 4. Ann’s mother was an avid antique
collector and would take her along to auctions and her favorite shops out in the
country. At that time treasures and bargains could still be found. In Ann’s family we all love and appreciate old things with character, from cars to furniture, from quilts to clocks. There was always a project going on, sewing or furniture refinishing, fruit canning or gardening.

Ann sees the influence in her work – she is drawn to rusty surfaces and wood grain. Ann spent summers as a young person on a small lake, up close and personal with lots of wildlife and plants. That kind of subject matter also figures large for her, the natural world is fascinating and packed with detail and magical light.

Ann Hart always drew and painted although her school experience was pretty academic, and she graduated from college with a degree in Early Childhood education. Everything changed
for Ann when she came to Cape Cod in the seventies and discovered a place where it was
possible to live a creative life. One thing led to another – she was a fiber artist and a potter for several years in the 80’s, then worked in a camera store and photo lab for a decade when digital photography had just arrived. So grateful for all those skills!

Ann Hart has been focused on painting for about 15 years now. While she has other creative and “crafty” pursuits, she tries not to get distracted because watercolor is it for Ann, challenging and beautiful, with still so much to learn.

Old things and the natural world will always have Ann reaching for her camera. Cape Cod is a lovely place to live and while she has painted lots of local scenes over the years it inspires her more for the community these days. In a 30 mile radius there is 6 art centers and museums, each of which has exhibits and performances going on.

There’s a lot of art happening here and many artists working in all genres and styles – Ann tries to participate in every show she can.
  Ann Hart is also drawn to city energy, and is fascinated by human ingenuity and engineering, possibly because she lives in such a small town and in an area where everything is relatively small scale.

Ann Hart doesn’t have any formal training as an artist, however she has taken workshops with some of the finest contemporary watercolorists including Mary Whyte, John Salminen, Paul Jackson, Antonio Masi.  From each of those teachers Ann came away with some nugget of approach or technique. Mostly she learned that if you want to improve, you have to practice and pay attention to what works and why.

Ann Hart has won many awards at the local and national level and hold Signature
Membership in The Transparent Watercolor Society of America, The New England
Watercolor Society and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. These days the
competition is incredible, the caliber of the work so high, just getting in to a national
 show is a major deal!

Ann teaches a workshop every couple of months at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, a vibrant place celebrating an active 50 years! It is a wonderful experience for Ann – she is always so gratified by how students jump right in to try things and achieve astounding results. Ann’s teaching style is to demonstrate a technique or two (such as pouring and using different materials to create texture effects) – then everyone works on whatever they like while she spends time with each student individually. Teaching gets Ann out of the solitary studio environment, and extends the “doing” process by articulating it.

Ann Hart is represented by Gallery Antonia, 1291 Main Street, Chatham, MA. The gallery
hosts many events from show openings to using the space as a venue for private
parties and book signings. It’s important for a gallery to be connected to the community
and Gallery Antonia and Domonic Boreffi, the owner, always go the extra mile for artists.
  For more info go to

You can contact Ann about her art tips or art techniques directly via his website at

Ann Hart and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life

For more info and to watch Ann’s episode click here.

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