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Every so often you get one or two people

I was about to write my blog about how to create a good You Tube page that I thought would help many other Artists to understand a little better what they need to do to take advantage of this great marketing platform when I received a You Tube comment that was a little upsetting.

I heard from a viewer that was disappointed with our channel because we weren’t promoting the Artists properly on the Channel and that we were only thinking about ourselves in the process of doing this show.

I think there might be a misunderstanding for many people on what we do and what has been done by me and my team in the process of creating this web site and TV series and online marketing platform.

I am 100% sure that the person that made these comments has never spoken to one of the Artists we have filmed and was unfortunately making very uneducated opinions about something they know nothing about.

Let me enlighten those people out there that may not have an inkling of how this has come about and also the workload myself and my team have put into this idea over the last 5 years.

Everyone has worked incredibly hard but Sophia and I have worked pretty much 7 days a week for the past 5 years to do this. Me on the phone speaking with Artists all over the world every day so that I can organize and get the Artists on board and also speak with TV channels and companies and manufactures about what we are doing. It really is 24 hours a day due to the fact that we have now expanded to 120 TV stations in America.

I would have spent a quarter of a million dollars of my own money to get this to where it is now and I am the only person that has not made any money out of doing this, everyone has been paid and I continue to help and support Arts and Artists in what I do. I just recently helped New Zealand Artist Magazine get over a hurdle, but that’s between them and me.

Soph and I have flown on 54 airplanes across Australia and New Zealand and stayed in 92 Motels and driven 120,000 kilometers across Australia and New Zealand to do this. Some nights we drive for 2 or 3 hours to get to our next destination, we check equipment charge batteries read CV’s so that we are prepared for the next day.

Every Artist we film expects to get the best out of us when we turn up no matter how we are feeling, if we have the flu or are just plain exhausted we give 100% every time we switch the cameras on.

Soph works around the clock to edit the shows, she is a blessing from above and has been a rock for me when it has become too over whelming for me to get up every day and keep going. Her smile and her encouragement for me to keep going in the hope that we may be in a better place soon, helps me to pick up the phone every day and allow myself to take the rejection that I get almost every day. Some folks will never see the vision I and the team are trying to put together.

My Partner Jo is working all the time with our social networking platforms and does a fantastic job in manipulating all of these systems. My dear Niece Tanita who has unfortunately gone to live in Canada was a great manager and organizer and now Jenny O’Leary has come on board to expand even more what we are doing, she’s about as switched on as you could get and will help us to grow the business even more.

Karen Rice, who helps me organise the Artists and grow our not for profit. Paint Your Life. We have been teaching Kids and people with MD and also doing workshops for the elderly in nursing homes. The fund pays the Artists and the team to do this. I have never taken one cent from the fund for the work I do, but I make sure everyone else gets paid what they deserve.

I have my computers running pretty much 24 hours a day as I upload the shows into other media portals and distributors across the world. I am up most nights checking on the progress of the up loads and I get maybe 4 hours sleep a night.

I don’t think anyone is aware but I pay out of my own pocket with the little money I have to air these shows on many of the PBS and community channels here and in America, as many of them are Not for profits, so for me to make sure that the Artists get the best exposure they can I pay for their shows to go to air. I have never made that public before, and I don’t mind doing that as I have seen the feedback the Artists are getting now from all over the world.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining and as exhausting as it is on many occasions to keep going, I have realized over time that what we are doing is going to make a profound difference in the lives of many people across the world.

It’s just disappointing that some people can stand on the outside and judge when they know not of what has been sacrificed to do this.

Graeme Stevenson

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