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Create From Your Mind Tutorial

In Graeme’s 40-odd years of traveling our planet, he has come across some incredible artists in equally incredible places.  From his travels and the gathering of knowledge over his lifetime, he has created some remarkable artworks based on fantasy, mathematics, surrealism, Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Mean, ancient religions and so many more aspects, interwoven and overlayed to create incredible pieces that tell amazing stories.

Due to popular demand, Graeme is now putting together a tutorial based on how to “create from your mind”, where he’ll deconstruct the process of creating one of these amazing pieces, and you too can discover how to create from your mind!

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You’ll learn…

  • The creation process, broken down step by step. Easy to understand language to make sure anyone, from a beginner to an advanced painter, can participate.
  • The varying mediums and what role they play in creating your artwork
  • What tools I use to create my work, from pencils, to brushes, to types of paints
  • Colour mixing, definition, and other techniques to make your subject stand out and convey your message
  • Creating in detail, like fur, eyes, and other key points of any artwork
  • How to find inspiration and let your own creative process flourish


Q: Is my email address protected if I subscribe for more information?
A: Absolutely. We value your privacy. We will only use your email to contact you about updates, new information, or content relating to the Create From Your Mind Tutorial, and updates from Graeme himself.

Q: Is the tutorial meant for advanced painters or beginners?
A: The tutorial is meant for anyone interested in creating from their mind. Whether you’re a beginner or have been painting for years, the Create From Your Mind Tutorial is designed to offer advice, guidance, and instruction to people of all skill levels.

Q: Is your tutorial good for all mediums?
A: Graeme has previously presented episodes of Colour In Your Life in different mediums, to provide a thorough grounding and background for viewers and those interested in learning. Create From Your Mind will also feature various mediums and instructions on their use together.

Q: Can I unsubscribe from emails?
A: Of course. If you decide that the course might not be the right fit for you, or you’re just not able to participate at the moment, then you’re free to unsubscribe.

Q: Will there be subtitles?
A: We will endeavor to have English subtitles as soon as possible.

Q: How long will the tutorial be available for viewing once purchased?
A: Once you have purchased the tutorial, it will be available to you for the full life of the course.

See and learn how Graeme has created these incredible pieces...


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