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Covid19 For Artists – Telling Your Story with Carolyn Edlund- Art Marketing Tips:

Colour Life COViD 19 Series Survive and Thrive Thumbnail YOUR STORY

Covid19 for Artists. How does the coronavirus pandemic affect you and your arts practice?

What can Colour In Your Life do to help you – right now?

A New Reality: Artist Tips for Surviving and Thriving is our special Coronavirus vodcast series.

In this conversation, Carolyn Edlund from Artsy Shark chats with Graeme Stevenson – host and founder of Colour in Your Life, as to why storytelling is one of the main cornerstones of creating a successful art career.

This is even more relevant as we are all in self-isolation and because of COVID 19, and online selling and marketing seem to be the only way to get our art out to the world.

Coronavirus for artists is an especially challenging time and we hope to be able to help you through these times with useful tips on all aspects of your practice, by talking to industry professionals and professional artists and, then sharing this information with you.

The story you tell, your brand story, the narrative story about what inspires you, why it’s important to the world, and why people should buy from you, is one of the most compelling things about your art

Carolyn Edlund

We hope you gain some tips to help sell your work during the coronavirus pandemic, and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment below.

As part of Colour In Your Life’s ongoing commitment to supporting your professional development, we’re offering some great online resources you can access 24/7 through our partnership with The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists.

CHF is a nonprofit organization that equips working visual artists to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs.

How do you get started with the CHF Digital Campus? It’s ready whenever you are.

Click here to get to our Colour in Your Life custom landing page, make your login with your email address and a password, and start exploring.

To access 70+ Art-Business Lessons, you can level-up and use the code CIYL to save $15 on an annual membership.

There is learning by podcast, expert column, how-to video, and you’ll even be able to see an example of some of CHF’s paid webinars. Once you’re up and running, let us know what you’re learning, and how you’re implementing positive change in the way you run your business.

A very important part of selling your art is selling your story and video is a great way to tell your story.  Video is clear, succinct, creative easy to digest and relatable.

unleash the power of story telling
Read more about storytelling in our article Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Colour in Your Life is one of the highest forms of storytelling.

Carolyn Edlund

The Colour in Your Life team has been telling the artist’s stories for over ten years. Isn’t it time they told yours?

 Contact us today to enquire about have a story based art documentary professionally made by Colour in your life.

waiting list  covid19

When all this is over let’s film at your location first!

Once we have the freedom to move again, we will be on the road filming wherever the artists want us. We need five artists in any location.

We have many artists on our waiting list. Why not enquire now about joining our waiting list and let’s see if we can get to your location first!

Apply Now to have a 24-minute film made about you and your art! 

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Read more here at

or contact us directly and we can talk you through your queries. 

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