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Customer Service Strategies for Artists with Dave Geada-Coronavirus for Artists –

Customer Service Strategy or Plan

A Customer Service Plan or Strategy is an essential, but often missed, part of your business plan. It is where you identify how you are actually going to sell to your customer.  Once you have established who your customers are and what you are selling, you then look at where and how you are selling- your customer service plan. Read more and get your free customer service checklist checklist here.

What does Dave say?

In this conversation, Dave Geada, Chief Marketing Officer at BoldBrush and FASO, chats with Graeme Stevenson OAM – host and founder of Colour in Your Life TV Show. They discuss about customer service strategies for artists, looking after your collectors, and how these ideas can relate and apply to your own art career, and most importantly get you selling more work.

You may be surprised to know that there are some very successful artists making six figure plus salaries a year, from a collector list that’s only 20 people long.”

Dave Geada

This is even more relevant as many of us are in self-isolation because of COVID-19. Online selling through efficient websites, like FASO, using clever marketing campaigns and video like Colour in Your Life are the best way to get our art out to the world.

The coronavirus pandemic is an especially challenging time for artists.

We hope to be able to help you through these times with useful tips on all aspects of your practice. Graeme Stevenson will be talking to industry professionals and professional artists, and sharing this information with you as part of the Survive and Thrive YouTube Series – Covid19 For Artists. We hope you gain some tips to help sell your work during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Who is Dave Geada?

Dave Geada is a marketing executive with over 20 years of experience helping technology companies grow their sales. For the last 7+ years, Dave has been the CMO of BoldBrush. In that time, he has spoken with thousands of visual artists and helped many of them grow their art sales by applying best practices gleaned from all those conversations. Most recently Dave has collaborated with Clint Watson, CEO of BoldBrush, and our thousands of members to create a step-by-step guide to art marketing called the BoldBrush Art Marketing Playbook, or AMP for short. AMP accelerates visual artists’ adoption of these best practices to help artists sell more art in less time. 

To learn more about Dave Geada, BoldBrush and AMP, click here

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