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CIYL filming Central Coast NSW January 2022- It’s your time to take the leap too!

Are you committed to your art practice but marketing your art just seems like HARD work? Do you feel unseen? Unrecognised?

Colour in Your Life Film Production Company  (CIYL) has been filming artists for over ten years and is an expert in art marketing. With around 80 years of combined experience in the art marketing field, the service we provide is extraordinary. 

Having a professional video made about you and your art is now essential for artists who are serious about gaining recognition.  It is a no-brainer. It allows your audience to get to know you better. We all know people will more likely buy from those they know and trust. Video helps build this trust.

Reina Cottier | Ep 12 Season 14

“It was amazing.  Everything from meeting you and Sophia to telling you guys what I do and my processes.  It was just such an enjoyable, easy process, I loved it.  The aftermath was that I got an incredible amount of enquiries about my art.  4-5 years down the track now I’m still getting enquiries from people who are watching it for the first time.  If anyone out there is thinking of doing it – go for it.  It’s amazing – make it happen.  These guys are awesome to deal with, and I had a blast!”

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Don’t spend any more time deliberating! Take action! 2022 is your year!

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