Introducing a fabulous new sponsor : Red Fog !

New Colour in Your Life Sponsor Red Fog

Sponsoring:  Keelan Ashton Bell In our recent show  featuring  Keelan Ashton Bell, we welcomed a new sponsor Red Fog.   Red Fog is a cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency is a modern alternative to money, with many unique advantages.  But to start learning these benefits is risky if your first step is buying it. Red Fog offers free-to-play crypto games within…

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Don’t miss out!

DON’T MISS OUT! Colour in Your Life are coming to the USA to film some fabulous artists. Are you one of them? Being on the Colour in Your Life TV shows means being in front of millions of people on TV screens in 13 different countries in addition to stacks of online platforms! There is…

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We love our Colour in Your Life Premium Members

We love our premium members

Have we told you lately how much we love you? Did you know that most of what I do is an effort to promote you more? Of course, the more popular you get, the more popular we get. :) I like to think of it as a reciprocal relationship, a friendship, a community. Four ways we can…

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A success story straight from the artist!

R Geoffery Blackburn Success

On January 17, 2019 the Colour In Your Life Show featuring R Geoffrey Blackburn went to air on YouTube. In the first week, Geoffrey had reached over 10,000 views. By the end of week two, Geoffrey had reached around 15,000 views! A speed that Colour in Your Life had not experienced before. How did he…

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