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En plein air oil painting landscape with Miranda Free

Miranda Free's artwork

Colour in Your Life featured artist Miranda Free appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty One (21). Read a little bit about the artist here, and support our site by joining and watching the episode below. As a child Miranda Free was constantly drawing and painting. Her fascination with art continued throughout my school…

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Calling India!

Calling India- Colour in your life

Did you know that Colour in Your Life has a huge and fast-growing Indian Audience? Audiences from the country of India are the third biggest users on our website, the fourth biggest viewing group on our YouTube Channel, and the sixth-largest group of people we reach on our Facebook page. With this sort of coverage,…

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Artsy Shark Call Out!

artsy shark call out summer 2020 550

CALL FOR FEATURED ARTISTS Artsy Shark needs 48 artists to feature and promote in the coming months through individual portfolio articles. Selected artists will have their artwork and story published online and shared extensively through email and social media to our large audience for maximum exposure. Each artist also receives a magazine-style PDF of their…

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Why do people buy art?- art marketing tips :)

why do people buy art?

Buying Art to many is one of life’s luxuries. The public loves to view art. Galleries, when they are open, are often filled with the art-loving public, but not a huge percentage of this public actually purchase art. In this time of Covid 19, galleries are closed and the tried and true methods of selling…

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