Tricia Reust wins Mortimore Art Prize

Press Release

Queensland Artist Tricia Reust wins Mortimore Art Prize

Tricia Reust traveled from Redcliffe to Dubbo to receive her Best in Show award in the 2012 Mortimore Art Prize, a National Award, on Saturday 29th September.

reust-mortimore prize

Pictured : (LtoR) Di King, Tricia Reust, Raelene Sharp, Alicia Leggett, Mike Coward.

Her charcoal drawing “Dappled Drowse” received glowing remarks from the judges, Di King (last year’s Best in Show recipient), Raelene Sharp (2012 Archibald Packer’s Prize) and Alicia Leggett (Executive Orana Arts), and was named this first prize winner after an initial pre-selection of hundreds of entries from throughout Australia, by Paul Delprat and Mike Coward.

The Mortimore Prize finalists now tour in an Exhibition throughout Australia for a year, which includes Brisbane for the first time in 2013.

This is the third year Tricia has been a finalist in this National award, and she will continue the tradition of the Best in Show recipient being a judge in next year’s award.

Mike Coward, the Mortimore Prize Coordinator, and Director of Australian Art Sales, has purchased “Dappled Drowse” for his personal collection.

reust-mortimore prize2

“Dappled Drowse” – Charcoal on Prepared Paper

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The Chat Box System

Colour In Your Life is launching the new Chat Box system for members. Instead of the messages, you can talk across live chat boxes to your friends and other artists. Head to your profile and check it out.

Below are some of the FAQs about chat box.


The chat system enables you and your friends within the Colour In Your Life community to send instant messages to each other to enable faster and more useful communication within the CIYL community.

To view the new feature all your have to do is login and you’ll see a new chat bar at the bottom of the website.

The current features of the system include:

  • Send instant messages to your CIYL friends
  • Connect to Facebook to chat with your Facebook friends from CIYL
  • Community created temporary chat rooms with options for public, password protected or invite only rooms
  • Quick links to CIYL Facebook updates
  • Share this page enabling you to spread the word about our community of art and artists
  • Announcements generated from our admins
  • Update your status from chat options

Jump online and have an explore of these new features. We hope this helps you communicate with other artists within our community and we’d love to hear your feedback!


I hear the new message sound but can’t see a new message
The message sounds are active for new messages with chat rooms and within one to one messages. An icon should appear for new messages on one to one windows but if you do not see this then check your active conversations to find the new message and refresh your page if you’re still having issues.

My or my partner’s profile pic is out of proportion
This can occur on some web browsers but does not affect performance of the chat system or the actual profile image stored within your CIYL profile within the community. Refreshing your web browsers should clear this issue.

I have lost my conversion or parts of my conversation
Refresh your web browser or contact support.

I updated my status but nothing happened 
Check your profile within the CIYL community area to see if it’s been updated. If it’s still not there try updating it from your profile page. Refresh your web browser to see if this fixes the issue. If this still does not work please contact support.

Chat room windows
The chat room facilities allow you to have either private, password protected chats amongst several, or, you can create group chat rooms specific to an interest. If you forget the password to secure chat rooms, please contact support. 

My Chatroom has disappeared
Community created chat rooms are temporary and will remain active as long as they are being used at least once in 30 minutes. Non-active chat rooms will be removed automatically.

Why aren’t Announcements displaying?
Announcements keep track of recent admin alerts. If you believe announcements have been made but you cannot see them, please refresh your browser. If your alerts still do not display please contact support for further assistance. 

I can not get the ‘Share’ button to link my page
Share this Page allows for you to link your favorite work, or work you find appealing, on several other websites. If you link the page to, for example, Facebook and the correct image does not display automatically, please check the available images on display within the link window. There may sometimes be in excess of 20 images to choose from.

If trying to share to other sites, please make sure the correct log in details for those sites are entered, or that you are already logged in to those sites. If the link does not appear on the alternate page, please try refreshing both browsers. If this does not work, please contact support.

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We’re on Virgin!

Colour In Your Life episodes are in the air! We are now flying high with Virgin as inflight entertainment. We’re so excited about this opportunity. If any of you artists out there a frequent flyers, make sure you try and get a photo of one of our episodes playing in flight. It’d give us a real thrill to see it, and we’d list it up on the site as well.

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Moran Art Prize

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 12.30.13 PM

World’s Wealthiest Art Prize Announces 2012 Finalists Sydney, Australia The finalists for the 2012 MORAN PRIZES, the most significant, independent Australian Art Prize, were announced in Sydney today, July 19, 2012, from a record field of 330,409 entries. Moran Prizes is the world’s wealthiest art prize, with a combined total of AUD$300,000 in monies and prizes awarded to winners and finalists across the categories.

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Colour In Your Life – our fans

After sending out our Colour In Your Life update email from Graeme, we were astonished by the amount of responses we were receiving to our questions. We’d like to thank each and every person who took the time to respond, and those who may do so over the next few days. These messages will help us show investors just how much value people are getting out of our episodes.

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Colour In Your Life and 4Me

Andrew Guiver 4me and Graeme 297 x 226

Graeme working with CEO of 4Me Andrew Guiver to get Colour In Your Life on national television. Don’t forget, the show goes to air on Sunday the 18th of March at 7:00pm, channel 74 (4Me). Tune in for some colour in your life. ^_^
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Our Live Website and Updates

The new Colour In Your Life website has officially gone live! We’ve been under construction for a few months now, and we’re quite pleased with the results. The official website launched on Friday the 24th of February. In the past few days we’ve seen over 30 new members come into the site, with some great works being uploaded into our gallery. Anyone can upload into our gallery, however it should be noted that this is different from our Shop. The gallery is for all artwork, available or sold, while the Shop requires artists to submit their work to Colour In Your Life so we can organise a shop page, payment details etc.

If you haven’t had a look at our Facebook page, come on and Like us. We want to get as many people possible putting Colour in their life. Put Some Colour In Your Life facebook.

We also have a Twitter account up and running. If you’d like to follow us on Twitter, our account is @arttocolourlife.

We’ll be hearing more from Corban Sumin soon, so stay tuned, and Graeme will be updating our Blog shortly with some more useful information for Artists. 

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Graeme has been in meetings with Chroma and Oxlades in Brisbane to discuss plans for Colour in Your Life, and everything is going smoothly. It’s great to see so much happening and so many amazing people coming into the folds of our Colourful family.

Chroma 237_x_162 Oxlades 285_x_190
Meeting with Chroma Meeting with Oxlades
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