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VISUAL ARTIST CALL OUT: Sydney and Regional NSW artists take the next step in your art career! It is time to make your art video.

Are you committed to your art practice but marketing your art just seems like HARD work? Do you feel unseen? Unrecognised? Colour in Your Life Film Production Company  (CIYL) has been filming artists for over ten years and is an expert in art marketing. With around 80 years of combined experience in the art marketing…

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Florida artists: Are you ready for Global Exposure?

Filming In Florida

Florida artists who are ready to take their art business to the next level are invited to apply now to be filmed by our West Coast CIYL film team headed by Alan James. These shows have an enormous impact on the careers and businesses of our featured artists. Watch what Susan Harrison Tustan had to…

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California Visual Artist Call out!

California call out

Have your art in front of an audience of millions! Richard Stergulz our CIYL host in California is looking forward to changing your life and taking your art business to the next level in 2021! Are you ready for us to film you yet? Listen to what our host on the East Coast US has…

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Virtual Colour in Your Life- COVID Friendly!

virtual CIYL

Don’t let COVID 19 stop your chance of reaching millions with your art! Virtual Colour in Your Life means that artists can be filmed anywhere in the world using their own cameras along with all the online technology that is available. If you would like to be on the show and, we can’t get to you…

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