Art Grants

Have you ever wanted to be on Colour In Your Life? Have you ever wanted to have your art seen by Australia, or the world, but you’re not sure about funding?

Why not head into the Government Arts Funding website and see what’s available to you?

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New Ventures Art Group

New Ventures Art Group is a new and exciting development in art circles. Based in Wanneroo and holding exhibitions and art workshops within the Wanneroo Shire. We are dedicated to assisting enthusiastic budding artists, be it art college graduates, budding or mature artists.

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BEATs Silent Auction

BEATS Silent Auction

Part of the entertainment for the BEATS Gala Evening will be your participation in the Colour In Your Life Silent Auction. The Graeme Stevenson Painting “The King” is valued at $2000 and will be on display at the October 12 event.

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Northern Rivers Portrait Prize Winners

Special congratulations to Rhonda Baker, a loyal supporter of Colour In Your Life, for her Second Prize place in the Portrait Prize. 

The popular portrait of community leader Jenny London received wide applause when it took out this year’s Northern Rivers Portrait Prize at a packed Lismore Regional Art Gallery on Saturday.

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Tricia Reust Workshop

Brisbane Workshop with Colour In Your Life

After the incredible response to our email, Colour In Your Life has organised for a workshop to be held on the 13th of January at Circle Gallery – just above The Art Shed in Brisbane. Award winning artist and Colour In Your Life featured artist, Tricia Reust, will be hosting this workshop, with Colour In Your Life founder and CEO Graeme Stevenson there to assist.

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Art Marketing tip: The Do’s and Don’ts of Gallery Openings

I was just recently asked by an Artist to price her work, and to make some comments on ideas she had for an exhibition she was about to have

I have been an Artist for thirty years now and have had many shows around the world. The market place has changed a great deal in that time with many of the galleries here and overseas closing down. The current position has a lot to do with the uncertainty of the Global financial situation.

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Legal Protection

After being in my business as an Artist for over thirty years and yes if you if you are selling your work in the process of trying to make a living out of your Art, you are in a business weather you like it or not .

It is something that is always relatively uncomfortable for a lot of right brained creative people to get their heads around. I have had to force myself over the decades, mostly through people doing the wrong thing by me, to learn about the legal side of the Arts.

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Why do Artists think they have to be Poor?

One of the great myths that have been dumped on the heads of Artists all over the world is that you are not a real Artist if you profit from your work. I have met a number of Artists over the years that have been more successful than you could imagine. The one thing they have never believed in is the stereotypes that society has dumped on Artists in general. The reason that Artists like Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Chagall, Rubens and many many more were successful was the fact that they also promoted themselves extremely well.

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