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Why do people buy art?- art marketing tips :)

why do people buy art?

Buying Art to many is one of life’s luxuries. The public loves to view art. Galleries, when they are open, are often filled with the art-loving public, but not a huge percentage of this public actually purchase art. In this time of Covid 19, galleries are closed and the tried and true methods of selling…

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Announcing a fabulous new partnership!

covid 19 for artists webinar

As part of our Covid19 artist Survive and Thrive series we have been negotiating with several companies to create a partnership that will support and benefit you in this time of flux. We would like to welcome this new partnership with StreamLine Publishing and Eric Rhoads. Eric Rhoads is a studio and plein air painter, and…

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Branding tips for artists: Art Marketing tips

COVID 19 Branding tips for artists

Branding is as important to artists as it is to multinational companies. Branding is a way of communicating your personality in a quick, easily accessible and identifiable way. Businesses brand can include colour images, icons, personalities.  Artists, who are business too, can do the same. You are your brand, so how you look is important. These…

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Art Marketing tip- Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Why does email marketing work?    Regular e-newsletters or “e-blasts” are a well-recognized method of developing relationships and generating business from your database. Provided your newsletter gives something of interest to your reader, you stand to make a lasting impression and immediate or future sales. A good newsletter will generate almost immediate inquiries. They work…

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