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Join the Mcann’s workshops this May

Barry Mcann Fundamentals Art Classes

Colour in Your Life Artists, contributors and friends- Barry And Lucy McCann Fine Art are now offering Personal AND Group Online Art Classes. ART CLASS 1“The Fundamentals in Watercolour Painting”Lucy has designed this class to help you to start painting. Let’s start at the beginning…learning about the types of brushes, paper, and paint. Continuing with design,…

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Am I ready to filmed by Colour in Your Life?

Am I ready to be filmed by Colour in Your life?

This is a great question.  There are several things to consider when making a decision to have a 24 minute story-based art documentary made about you and your art and distributed to millions on TV stations around the world and online. 1.What is your purpose? What is the goal of investing in your art business?…

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What to do with a press release

What to do with a press release

 So you have an awesome press release ready to go, what do you do with it? See our 10 points to success Personalize the press release:   Add a paragraph that relates the story to you in third person Eg. Murwillumbah Artist Natascha Wernick was thrilled to learn that her TV Art Documentary, produced by Put…

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Reach More With Video Teaser – Social Media

Trying to expand your reach in the digital world? Worried that your art isn’t being seen by as many people as you’d like? Have you thought about what social media sites you’re on? How you’re promoting your work and to who? The demographics? With so many social media sites available now, it can be daunting…

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Reach More With Video Teaser – Streaming and DVDs

Your footage is exporting from your editor and you have a perfect video; congratulations! You’ve done it! It’s made, it’s beautiful, and it’s time to look at sharing your majesty with the world. So what’s next? Maybe DVDs? ‘As I’m sure you are aware, the popularity and widespread use of DVDs has declined rapidly over…

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Writing your “story” ABOUT ME

Writing your story for your website, social media or for applications can be daunting. It is useful to have several versions already on file for you to easily update and share. Let me give you some ideas about what to write and where. About Me Your “story” is the story of your life. What has…

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Reach More With Video Teaser – What Equipment?

After tinkering with your phone for a while, you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to dedicated filming equipment. Multiple angle shots of your work. The best lighting. Microphones to capture the quiet murmurings of every take. The whole lot. But where to start? What kind of camera do you want? How many? What lights are…

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Reach More With Video Teaser – Phone Editing

Not sure you’re ready for Final Cut Pro editing? Perhaps you just want to stick to filming on your phone for now? Not to worry, we have an app for that too! We understand that technical barriers exist in the world, and often you have to work within your means to promote yourself and your…

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