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Call Out for featured artists for Colour in Your Life UK


Colour In Your Life UK call for featured artists to appear on the Television Show Put Some Colour In Your Life.


Artists are invited to contact Colour In Your Life to apply.

Ian and Leon have already filmed their first three UK Artists and you will soon be seeing them on your screens.

The Colour in Your Life TV show is aired on the Community Channel in the United Kingdom as channels in Ireland and Wales.  This has literally added millions of viewers to our episodes.

Now Ian and Leon are calling for more talented artists who have a strong internet presence and are ready to build their art business.

Graeme Stevenson meets Ian WAlton

As a featured artist you receive incredible benefits :

Colour In Your Life Episode

A 24-minute TV show focused entirely on you, your artwork and your techniques. This will be available online and your personal copy.

Increased Search Engine Rankings

Increased ranking on Google and other search engines with the understanding that video is the most important SEO tool, you can contact people from for further help. ranking on Google and other search engines with the understanding that video is the most important SEO tool.

Premium Membership

Get access to premium membership perks in the Colour In Your Life website. Sell your artwork, display your art in the gallery and connect with artists around the globe.

Business Coaching

Johnathan Brier meets Graeme Stevenson

Get great advice from Graeme himself on how to best use the video pre and post production.

Leave a Legacy

The opportunity to change people’s lives and leave a legacy for the next generation  and Australia

Featured Artists on Colour In Your Life receive publicity and lots of it! 

Phenomenal international coverage!

Your show will be seen by literally millions of viewers around the world as Colour In Your Life TV show is broadcast on TV stations in 7 different countries including  USA, UK, NZ and Australia. Your show will be viewed online on our Youtube channel with over 70,000 subscribers and over 10 million views and many other online viewing platforms including Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and more.

Traffic from your show gives you the opportunity to make sales directly from your site, capture email addresses of prospects, gain fans and followers, and forge relationships with potential customers, collectors and galleries.

Apply to be a featured artist
Graeme Stevenson meets Jacqui KiffArtists who are featured are chosen through a competitive process. Selection is made by viewing your art website- your online portfolio.  A core objective of broadcasting your show is to drive people to your website and social media and create an interest in your work.

As this is a professionally made television show with many ongoing costs, fees do apply.

Submissions are currently being accepted. 

Interested? Learn more about this opportunity and apply.

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