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Build your Instagram following! Art Marketing tip

Build your instagram following

I’m sure you’ve heard by now but the best place to build your social media following for your art is on Instagram.

In the past it may have been Pinterest or Facebook and they surely should not be forgotten. They certainly have their place but the emphasis definitely it is on Instagram these days.

Instagram is all about the picture that you take or the short video that you make.

It is about building a following of those who are interested in your story. On Instagram you build your story with pictures.  Your story and the pictures you give to the world is one of your most important marketing tools. It is worth taking the time to make it clear, interesting and beautiful. Some have the wow factor, like Anita Nevar’s Instagram page.

People follow you because of your story.

The story behind the artwork is one of the main reasons why people will buy your art. They connect with the artwork through your story and vice versa. You want to intrigue your audience. You want to encourage them to dive deeper. To learn more about you. The more time they spend learning about you the likelihood of them investing in your increases.  You can develop your story through the titles of your artwork or images and in their descriptions, but on Instagram, mainly through the images.

Some great examples are  De Gillett…

or Mealie Batchelor.

Lead them to look further

Although putting links on Instagram is not as easy as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there are still opportunities. In your Instagram profile you have the opportunity to put only one link URL. Make sure that link is where you want to lead them and is filled with all the information for which they would be looking.

Be prepared. It could be your only chance to make that sale, or begin that relationship.

LinkTree is an option you can use if you have many places you want to lead your followers. With a linktree account you can lead them to many urls to help them to discover all your important content. You create one simple URL and you place that in your profile

Check out what Christine read has done.

Posting regularly to Instagram will assist in building that special relationship with your followers.

When should I post to Instagram? Well, any time really, as long as you are consistent. Your followers will be expecting to you to post around the same time daily. Some research indicates that posting during lunch (11am-1pm) and evenings (7-9pm)  are the best, as that’s when people will be having a break and have time to scroll their feed.

If that feels too much for you, consider scheduling your posts ahead. There are many ways that you can schedule your Instagram feed, so you can post for many days all at once.  Look at these options, SEMrush, Tailwind and  Hootsuite.

What should I post?

Images in your Instagram feed are generally of high quality. You can enhance them using  the many filters that Instagram provide.

What kind of things are people interested in looking at on Instagram?

  1. Art work
  2. Close ups of art work
  3. You in your studio
  4. You and your dog/cat/pet in your studio
  5. Your palette
  6. Your view out your window
  7. Your mixing tray
  8. Works in progress (WIP)
  9.  Videos of your work
  10.  You art in situ – try this app.

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