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Branding tips for artists: Art Marketing tips

COVID 19 Branding tips for artists

Branding is as important to artists as it is to multinational companies.

Branding is a way of communicating your personality in a quick, easily accessible and identifiable way. Businesses brand can include colour images, icons, personalities.  Artists, who are business too, can do the same.

You are your brand, so how you look is important.

These days it also includes your online profile through all your social media and web presence.

Consider your appearance. What does yours look like? Your clothes, appearance and grooming are part of the external image of your personal brand.   Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your personal appearance.  Have you been in the studio too long without a mirror or a partner to tell you to clean up your act?  Are your teeth and hair clean and healthy? Are you walking tall and straight? Are your clothes and skin clean?  Do you need to get a new outfit and a haircut for public outings? Are looking the way you wish? What improvement and changes do you need to make? Do you need to smile more? 

Many artists like to use a prop to add to their personal brand.

Graeme Stevenson uses his Harley Davidson to trigger the recognition of his viewers. Others may have an artist’s hat or distinctive glasses. Perhaps you wish to be recognised by a certain colour—always seen in black or purple.

You are your brand, so you need to ensure that your brand/you are memorable.

You may also like to consider a logo or icon to represent you easily. Colour in Your Life uses a distinctive painted cowboy hat logo and we place it on every image and online or printed collateral that we have.   Many artists use their signature as their logo or their most distinctive piece of art work,

The secret to branding is to repeat it over and over.

There is no use wanting to brand yourself as the artist with the funky moustache when you are only seen with your moustache once and every other time you are clean shaved.  Once you decide on your brand, stick to it and make sure that everyone knows you by your brand.

Your online brand

Your online brand is equally as important as your personal brand in this age of social media.  When people hear about you the first thing they will do is search for you online. What does your online profile say about you?  

First impressions are made in the first five seconds; second impression the first five minutes.  

You need to be looking as good in real life as you do online and ensure that your branding is consistent repetitive and recognisable.

Now is the time to consider you brand and make careful and conscience efforts to improve. Watch this Vodcast with Eric Rhoads and Graeme to get you inspired and on your way. :)

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