We love our premium members

We love our Colour in Your Life Premium Members

By Natascha Wernick | February 28, 2019

Have we told you lately how much we love you? Did you know that most of what I do is an effort to promote you more? Of course, the more popular…

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Testimonial from John Hulsey: There is no shelf life it goes on for infinity!

By Natascha Wernick | February 24, 2019

John Hulsey was interviewed by Colour In Your Life with his episode going live on December 13. John was very happy with the results and felt he has become part…

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art marketing tip

Art Marketing Tips: How to build a great following around your CIYL show:  12 tips!

By Natascha Wernick | February 20, 2019

From Graeme’s desk Well over the last 8 years we have had the privilege of filming many hundreds of artists in 7 countries now. The CIYL team is continually amazed…

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Colour in Your Life Art Marketing strategies

🎨 Don’t miss out! Colour in Your Life TV show want to feature you! 👈 🎨

By Natascha Wernick | February 20, 2019

   Don’t miss out on this chance for international exposure? The fantastic TV show Colour in Your Life is now filming in seven countries around the world and are aired…

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Susan Harrison-Tustain Art workshop

Susan Harrison-Tustain much-awaited PAINTING WORKSHOPS & CLASSES

By Natascha Wernick | February 14, 2019

Watercolour PAINTING WORKSHOPS & CLASSES 2019 Watercolor Workshops Announced! Do you want to create paintings that make your heart sing? This is an opportunity to learn how to create paintings…

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Colour In your Life Wendy Manzo

Testimonial: People find me! – Wendy Manzo CIYL artist says

By Natascha Wernick | February 10, 2019

Wendy Manzo- Season 4 Episode 7 People find me! People I would never have known have found me through my episode on CIYL. Some have become friends, some have studied…

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R Geoffery Blackburn Success

A success story straight from the artist!

By Natascha Wernick | February 7, 2019

On January 17, 2019 the Colour In Your Life Show featuring R Geoffrey Blackburn went to air on YouTube. In the first week, Geoffrey had reached over 10,000 views. By…

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Richard stergulz colour in your life

Have you seen our new US hosts? Welcome Richard Stergulz and Allen Freeman

By Natascha Wernick | February 5, 2019

  Richard Stergulz and Allen Freeman have joined the CIYL team and are now filming artists in Southern California for us. Richard is a Master Artist has appeared on CIYL…

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Art Marketing tip: Top five tasks for making it BIG in the art world!

Art Marketing Tip: Top five tasks for making it BIG in the art world!

By Natascha Wernick | January 30, 2019

Create lots of art, preferably a series. Do all preparatory work – create a portfolio, artist statement, and learn how to explain your art to others eloquently. Begin building your artist resume by…

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Colour In Your Life Fiona Valentine

Testimonial: “Hey, did I see you on Colour In Your Life?” Fiona Valentine, CIYL artist

By Natascha Wernick | January 25, 2019

Fiona Valentine- Season 9, episode 8 Making an episode with Color in Your Life in 2015 was a great way to help develop my reputation as an artist who teaches.…

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