Marketing tip as WE grow larger millions of people will see YOUR videos FB

Art marketing tip: Art Marketing that is worth its weight in Gold!!!

By Natascha Wernick | May 22, 2019

From Graeme’s desk Imagine being able to upload your own art teaching videos free of charge into one of the largest and fastest social Art networking platforms for free. Yes,…

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Watch and listen to Graeme sharing the CIYL latest news.

Western Australia- We only have two spots left! Don’t miss out!

By Natascha Wernick | May 17, 2019

Western Australia Artists are invited to apply to be on the Colour Your Life TV show. Colour in Your Life are coming to Western Australia in June and we only…

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jump start your sales with Colour in Your Life

Art Marketing Tip: How to use your CIYL documentary  to increase sales

By Natascha Wernick | May 9, 2019

A video documentary about you can literally increase your sales and workshop enrolments There are many reasons why artists choose to have documentary made about them and their art. Some…

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Testimonial from Jessica Henry & Daniel Hill Riedel | Colour In Your Life

Testimonial: We felt like we were in our living room talking to someone we have known for years.

By Natascha Wernick | May 2, 2019

Jessica Henry & Daniel Hill Riedel describe their recent experience on the Colour In Your Life Show. See the fantastic online workshops they are offering through our website here.  You…

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Is selling your art harder than ever?  

By Natascha Wernick | April 29, 2019

Is selling your art harder than ever? I have recently heard that  artists are finding it harder than ever to sell their art. “The worst in 30 years”… I even…

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Western Australian Artist Call out

By Natascha Wernick | April 17, 2019

Western Australia! We are coming your way. Are you ready? We only get to go to Western Australia once every couple of years and we are coming at the end…

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sponsor an artist

Sponsor an artist and take advantage of the exposure!

By Natascha Wernick | April 16, 2019

Is your target audience art lovers or those who are learning to paint? Is your audience tourists who like experiencing new destinations? If so, then we may just be the marketing…

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Colour in You lIfe in India

Conversations with Graeme: What happened in India

By Natascha Wernick | April 11, 2019

In this “Conversation with Graeme and Natascha”, Graeme talks about his recent trip to India. Graeme Stevenson talks casually to Natascha Wernick about his trip to India where he spoke…

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be true to your art Colour in Your lIfe

Art Marketing tip: BE TRUE TO YOUR ART

By Natascha Wernick | April 9, 2019

BE TRUE TO YOUR ART From Graeme’s desk. I often wondered how much someone’s life affects the result of the work they end up creating. I would think in my…

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Art Marketing Tip: We are not a scam! How to spot a fake email! CHECKLIST

By Natascha Wernick | April 4, 2019

One of our featured artists reminded me that when she first saw our offer, she thought it was a scam. She thought it was too good to be true! She…

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