Steve Griggs Testimonial

Steve Griggs – My CIYL show was a Godsend!

By Natascha Wernick | April 3, 2019

Watch this testimonial from Steve Griggs ‘s on his Colour In Your Life show about watercolour painting techniques and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills. Steve…

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Leave it as a legacy (1) Colour in Your Life Art Marketing tip

Art marketing tip : Leave a legacy for your grandchildren and their children!

By Natascha Wernick | March 28, 2019

Hello again, It’s me, Natascha from Colour in Your Life. I wanted to connect again with you. Graeme has just returned from filming in New Zealand and is currently in…

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Bucket list art workshops : The Aussie Outback Plein Air Art Adventure

By Natascha Wernick | March 26, 2019

We are excited to announce the first in our series of Bucket list art workshops- The Aussie Outback Plein Air Art Adventure with Jessica Henry Daniel Hill Riedel and our…

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Colour in your life will change your life

Art Marketing tip: Being on Colour in Your Life can change your life!

By Natascha Wernick | March 20, 2019

Graeme Stevenson OAM sends a message to all artists about the opportunity to change their artistic future and their life by simply chatting with him about being on the show.…

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top ten advantages of being on Colour in Your Life

Marketing tip: Top 10 advantages of being on Colour In Your Life

By Natascha Wernick | March 14, 2019

These are a few factors that should enable artists to see why being a part of the series is extremely beneficial to an artist’s career. Many Artists have hundreds of…

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Wow! 70,000 Facebook followers!

By Natascha Wernick | March 12, 2019

Holy Moly! 70,000 Facebook followers! Are you following us yet?

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New Colour in Your Life Sponsor Red Fog

Introducing a fabulous new sponsor : Red Fog !

By Natascha Wernick | March 4, 2019

Sponsoring:  Keelan Ashton Bell In our recent show  featuring  Keelan Ashton Bell, we welcomed a new sponsor Red Fog.   Red Fog is a cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency is a modern alternative to money,…

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Don’t miss out!

By Natascha Wernick | March 1, 2019

DON’T MISS OUT! Colour in Your Life are coming to the USA to film some fabulous artists. Are you one of them? Being on the Colour in Your Life TV…

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We love our premium members

We love our Colour in Your Life Premium Members

By Natascha Wernick | February 28, 2019

Have we told you lately how much we love you? Did you know that most of what I do is an effort to promote you more? Of course, the more popular…

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Testimonial from John Hulsey: There is no shelf life it goes on for infinity!

By Natascha Wernick | February 24, 2019

John Hulsey was interviewed by Colour In Your Life with his episode going live on December 13. John was very happy with the results and felt he has become part…

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