Did you know you can own any CIYL episode?

By Natascha Wernick | October 12, 2019

Without even leaving your lounge room? Stream or download any episode to your computer or laptop from less than AUD $3 each! Own a whole series (26 episodes) for less…

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Acrylic Resin Pour Demo with Richard Stergulz

By Frankie Sharman | October 11, 2019

Richard Stergulz is an Illinois native who by the age of eight knew he wanted to be an artist. He graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in…

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Colour in Your Life: Who are your customers

Art Marketing Tip: Get to know your customer- Worksheet!

By Natascha Wernick | October 8, 2019

 by Natascha Wernick   Who are your customers? Know your customer so you can target market them directly. How will you sell your art to customers if you do not know…

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Brienne Brown's watercolor piece

Featured Artist Brienne Brown

By Frankie Sharman | October 4, 2019

Much to her mother’s indignation, Brienne owned little clothing that was not covered in paint.  From a very young age, Brienne showed talent in art and music, but wanted to…

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Watch Graeme and Jessica’s conversation about the workshops at Renaissance Creative Arts Academy

By Natascha Wernick | October 1, 2019

Renaissance Creative Arts offers online art instructional programs. The Renaissance Academy of Fine Arts & destination art workshops for artists to advance their technical knowledge; improve their artistic skills and…

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Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks

Featured Artists Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks

By Frankie Sharman | September 27, 2019

From the artists and sisters Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks: “We grew up in a small country town in New South Wales called Gunnedah where we spent hours of our…

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Colour in Your LIfe The Kiwi Creative film tour last chance

Last chance to be involved in our Kiwi Creative film tour November 2019

By Natascha Wernick | September 26, 2019

The Colour in Your Life audiences simply cannot get enough of our New Zealand artists. Colour in Your Life is a professional film team who specialize in a 24-minute story…

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Art Marketing tip Tax deductible

Art Marketing tip: Did you know that doing a colour in your life show is 100 tax % deductible?

By Natascha Wernick | September 25, 2019

From Graeme’s desk I CANT AFFORD IT! People still spend money on their art careers and mostly get no ongoing exposure for their work or results for their money. Did…

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The Plein Air Down Under festival, 28 – 30 September Western Australia

By Natascha Wernick | September 25, 2019

Warwick Fuller, one of Australia’s foremost living landscape painters, will be in Mandurah, Western Australia, from 26 – 30 September, as the feature guest artist for Plein Air Down Under,…

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Graeme Stevenson's tutorial on Mixed Media

Mixed Media Demo Part 2 with Graeme Stevenson

By Frankie Sharman | September 20, 2019

Alongside art, Graeme Stevenson studied martial arts and bred Australian parrots, learning falconry and studying taxidermy in his teenage years. Through these hobbies, Stevenson gained a better understanding of avian…

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