Art Marketing Tip : The Pros and Cons of Vanity Galleries

art marketing tip vanity Galleries pros and cons

What is a vanity gallery, and how is it different to a normal gallery? A conversation with Graeme Stevenson Vanity galleries are an offshoot of cooperative galleries (also called artist-run initiatives), galleries which are operated by artists who pool their resources to pay for exhibits and publicity. Unlike cooperative galleries, which carefully jury their members, vanity galleries will exhibit anyone who pays. Vanity…

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Congratulations Colour in Your Life! Another milestone

youtube subscribers

  Today is the day we reach 80,000 YouTube Subscribers! Huge smiles can be seen and felt all around our individual offices as we celebrate reaching another milestone. Subscribers are critical to our success on YouTube because they spend more time watching our channel than viewers who are not subscribed, and show commitment to our Colour in Your Life …

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Art marketing tip : Licensing dos and don’ts

art marketing tip

Here are some licensing guidelines that will save you some heartaches Make sure your license includes these at minimum: The name of the specific works of art you’re licensing What specific types of products the art will be reproduced on The producer’s or publishers written agreement to put your copyright notice on every product sold…

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Art Marketing Tip: Avoiding art scam

scamming artists

This blog has been taken from  Kathleen MacMahon . Scams have been around for a long time and the rise of email and the Internet has only provided scammers a wider and cheaper audience to reach. It doesn’t cost anything to send an email whereas before they at least had to spend the cost of…

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Call for artists in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming!

call for featured artists

Call for featured Utah, Colorado and Wyoming artists! Submissions close May 30. We need five artists to feature and film for our television show Put Some Colour In Your Life. Submissions are now being accepted from visual artists in mediums including painting, drawing, mixed media, glass,  collage, sculpture and others. Apply to be a featured artist Featured Artist Paul Stowe received…

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